You must find out your calling.

Work is life. Out of the fourteen or fifteen hours in a day, when you would not be sleeping, when you would not be doing your daily tasks, you would be spending the majority of your time working. So, if I am awake, fifteen sixteen hours a day, out of that twelve hours or fourteen hours are going to be spent in work-related activities. Do you see this? I am going to spend seventy percent to eighty percent of my life working. Do you see this?

Work is life itself. Work is the most important, most dominant overwhelming component of your life, it will take away all your time. Work is life. And if you do not love your work, then actually you will hate life. Because work is life. You cannot approach work using these considerations, salary, stability, these are very small, very trivial considerations. Have you come across a word called ‘Calling’? Calling means the work that calls out to you. A work that beckons you, that says “come, it’s so loving, Its so attractive, you want to do it” You want to do it, even if you are not paid anything. You say High salary, I am saying “Choose the work that you would do even without getting any salary”.

Imagine what kind of work that would be which you are ready to do even without being paid? Now, if that work can be your life, then life is beautiful. If that work can be your life, then life is beautiful. And only such work deserves to be your life. Only such work deserves to be taken up. You must find out your calling. You must find out what really beckons you.

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Big fat salary, or stable job?

SR Generic_ EnglishQuestion: Sir, What is more, important for a fresher, big fat salary, or a stable job?

Acharya Prashant: Neither. What’s your name?

Listener1: Acharya Ji, Taranjay.

AP: Taranjay is asking “What is more important for a fresher, a good salary or a stable job?” Neither. A good salary implies accumulation, A stable job implies fear – “What if this job goes away? What will happen to me?”

Work is life. Out of the fourteen or fifteen hours in a day, when you would not be sleeping, when you would not be doing your daily tasks, you would be spending the majority of your time working. So, if I am awake, fifteen sixteen hours a day, out of that twelve hours or fourteen hours are going to be spent in work-related activities. Do you see this? I am going to spend seventy percent to eighty percent of my life working. Do you see this? Read more

All knowledge will come only from the outside.

One contrary piece of information can prove all your accumulated knowledge wrong. Can it not?

One little evidence piece of evidence can prove all theorems of Physics wrong. One little bit of information can destroy all your trust in whatever you trust. A fifty-year old relationship can be shattered by just one bit of news.

But, that knowing that arises from heart is not so weak. It does not crumble so easily. It has a great certainty about it.

Are you getting it?

You come to a scripture, and you have never read that scripture before. It may not even belong to your organized religion. Nobody has ever recommended it to you and yet you read it, and you know that something worth worshiping is in front of you. You meet someone and you just fall in love; nobody tutored you to fall in love. And ostensibly there is nothing in that person which is very attractive. You do not know what pulls you there, and you are not an ignorant being, you are not drunk, you are awake in your senses, and yet you know what is happening is not sensible.

If someone asks you to explain, you will not be able to explain but deep down you know that you are doing the right thing – causeless, proof-less, and yet certain. This is the quality of knowing. Now phased with this knowing, all the knowledge that the world gave you, appears so weak and trivial and also deceptive because it had been lying to you all this while. What was it that the worldly knowledge was suggesting to you? That all knowledge will come only from the outside. All knowledge will always have a cause, that all knowledge will be something that can settle in the memory, all the worldly knowledge was always memory-to-memory transfer.

And here, neither is it arising from memory, nor is it going to the memory. It is so subtle that sometimes even consciousness even fails to detect it. How will it then move into memory?

When you live in such a way, where there is grace, where there is love, where there is a reason-less devotion, then you are free from the bondage of worldly knowledge.

 This is what is being called by Ramana Maharishi as the elimination of false knowledge.

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The elimination of false knowledge

Question: Acharya Ji, what is ‘elimination of false knowledge’ that Ramana Maharishi talks of when he says, “The individual is miserable because he confounds the mind and the body with the Self. This confusion is due to wrong knowledge. Elimination of wrong knowledge is alone needed. Such elimination results in Realization.”

So the question is what is the knowledge that should be eliminated?

Acharya Prashant: All knowledge that we have, comes from the world. The world gives us knowledge in various forms, ways, structures, fields. But, whatever be the structure of the knowledge that is provided to us by the world, there is one underlying theme always common in all knowledge coming to us from the world through our senses.

What is that common theme? Read more

Shut Up


Question: Sir, how to judge what is valuable?

Acharya Prashant: You said, “Sir, how to judge what is valuable?” How sure are you of your judgement? Behind every judgement, (there) is someone who judges. How sure are you of that judge? Is he reliable? Or is he someone who has a tendency to modify, even reverse his own judgements? Is he someone whose judgements stand the test of time and changing conditions? Or is he someone who often mistakes in judging?

You have trusted your inner judge since long. You have lent upon so many other books, authorities and teachers. But ultimately, it is your internal teacher you depend the most upon. Let’s judge that judge.

You are asking, “How to judge what is valuable?” Let’s judge the one who will judge this! How secure have your judgements made you feel so far? How does the inner judge decide? Does he have an inner yardstick to measure; an innate source from where to know? Or do his judgements keep changing as his knowledge keeps changing? What have you observed? Read more

While talking of the Buddha, keep eating your sandwich


Acharya Prashant: Mind of the so called ordinary Sansari (worldly man), is full of thoughts about obtaining power, prestige, comforts, money and such things. And often the mind of the so called spiritual seeker is filled with thoughts of obtaining liberation.


The concept of liberation is such that it stands with the concept of addition and subtraction, which is the law of mind, and stands against certain other concepts. For example it says that if you have to obtain enlightenment then you have to drop certain things.

Gaining enlightenment, dropping certain things, are said to go together. Gaining enlightenment and dropping certain things have one thing in common: gaining and dropping. What is often ignored is that gaining and dropping are very well within the purview of mind. The mind  actually loses nothing, by adding another concept or by declaring another concept to be false. Read more

The Real Saint looks like a heretic or a lunatic than a saint


The myth of the Saint, the Saint!

And with, the myth of the Saint we would be able to touch many associated myths. Like the myth of the respect: respectability rather, the myth of godliness. And of course Love!

When we use the word “Saint”, we use it obviously, inevitably in the same frame of mind. From the same center, as we use many other words.

Our language is a language of objects. Any and every words that we know refers to something; something that can be thought of; something that can be touched, conceptualized, seen, felt, hurt; something that is within the domain of the mental activity.

So the obvious result is that even when we use words like saint, God, Truth, freedom, joy, love they turn into objects due to the sheer fact of verbalization. Because you have put them into words, you have willingly or unwillingly turned them into objects. The same thing happens when we refer to the word “Saint”. Read more

Faith is freedom from fear in the middle of fear


Listener: “Fear can be answered only with Faith” (A quote by Acharya prashant) What does this mean? And what is ‘Faith’


Faith is to be certain without reason.

Usually, when you are sure of something, confident of something, it is because of a reason. You have some previous experience, or you have somebody to trust; now you feel safe and secure and sure. Walking into a new room, into a totally new place; if you are not afraid it would be because you have had previous experiences of the kind or because you trust something or somebody. May be you trust your strength; may be your trust the builder or the owner of the room. There is always a reason when we feel safe, secure or good.

Now there is a danger in that. What is the danger? If we feel safe, secure, good, all right, for a reason, then we will not feel safe, secure, good, alright if..? If that reason is withdrawn or taken away. And reasons are supports. Reasons are events, and happening or people. They come and go. Read more

The craziness that begins and ends in God


At the end of a crazy moon night

the love of God rose.

I said, “It’s me Lalla.”

The beloved woke. We became That,

and the lake is crystal-clear.

~Lal Ded

Acharya Prashant: At the end of a crazy moon night, the love of God rose.” There is nothing in nature which doesn’t take you closer to your centre. This must be understood. Why is it said and heard that the Rishis would go to jungles for meditation? Why is it so that the distressed mind moves towards nature for peace? At the center there is nothing except peace, and then there is the first layer; the layer of the physical universe. The layer of the trees, the animals, the moon, the rivers, the flesh and the blood. And then, man builds another layer over it which is the layer of abstractions, ideas, concepts, social formulations, language. Distressed by all that, man wants to return to his center. And when you return to your center, what is it that you find? Read more

Is that what is life?

Do you know what is insensitivity?

Insensitivity is a belief. It’s a belief that “I am born to be chained, that I am not worthy of love, that I do not deserve to fly.” That is insensitivity. We have been trained to be cruel to ourselves and why must you be cruel to yourself?

You deserve all and everything.

Man is not born to adjust and compromise and somehow tolerate his seventy-eight years and then at the end of the journey say, “Thank God the seventy years are over. It was a night mare, glad, I am out of it. Death is such a nice thing.” When you die at eighty, you say, “Mercifully I am out of it.”

Is that what is life?

On J. Krishnamurti: Know Him, without His names


When you teach a child that a bird is named ‘bird’,
the child will never see the bird again.

~ J.Krishnamurti ~

Acharya Prashant: Beautiful quotation.

Because naming comes with a total bundle of association, references, memories, past, prejudices. having named something, having tagged or labelled something, you are no more in direct touch with that thing. Now, you are in touch with the name and not the thing. Getting it?

It takes a beauty; beauty that lies in mystical unknowing. Now, you know. We have 4 rabbits here (at AdvaitBodh Sthal), deliberately we have refrained from naming them, one of them carries a name but the other 3 do not have names. And it is beautiful and we often do not know who is who? They are all white, alike.

What else are identities, what else are relationships?

Names.  Read more

Are spiritual scriptures useless?


Questioner: Are spiritual scriptures useless?

Acharya Prashant: All these books are totally useless for the one who is not disturbed. In fact, the books themselves say, “After you have gone through us, just burn us, throw us away, treat us like excreta.”

Books are only for the one who is obsessed with books. Books are knowledge. Now, if you are one who feels that she needs a lot of knowledge, then books are for you. But these are special books. You go to them in search of knowledge, and you know what they will tell you? They will tell you, ‘Knowledge is nonsense’.

So, you have gone to the book searching for knowledge, and you open the book and the book reads, ‘All search is nonsense and knowledge is also nonsense.’ They are very special books. That’s what scriptures do. All other books, they are full of knowledge and they say, ‘Knowledge is important and meaningful.’ That’s the special thing with a religious scripture.

~ Excerpts from a ‘Shabd-Yoga’ session. Edited for clarity.

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If you don’t rely on God, then you’ll rely on thought


Question: What I notice with myself is that having thoughts prevents me from listening with attention and then I say to them, ‘leave; go away!’ What’s your opinion on this?

Acharya Prashant: Don’t say even that much to your thoughts.

Listener 1: Then? Is it not about being conscious of the thoughts?

AP: No. Don’t even be conscious of the thought; because whatever you are with respect to the thought is just the furtherance of the thought.

Don’t even look at the thought! And when I say don’t even look at the thought, I would amplify it by saying that ‘don’t even don’t look at the thought,’ and then I would amplify that by saying, ‘don’t even don’t even don’t look at the thought’. Read more

Stretch your arms and feel the earth

You must also learn to feel safe.

You must feel assured of your security.

Don’t give energy to thoughts that make you feel small, petty, vulnerable, exposed, and insecure.

Things are good. Alright.

You are not in an alien land. This is your home, don’t tremble so much.

Stretch your arms and feel the earth.
See it is not really shaking, it is holding you in her lap.

Nobody is conspiring against you.
There is no need to fear.
There is no need to run helter-skelter for security.

There is no need to hate yourself so much.

The very movement of ‘I AM’ is ego

Come very close to how you operate daily. Come very close to it.

That is ‘ego’.

‘Ego’ is not a thought, or a concept, or a framework.

What is ‘ego’?
‘Ego’ is how you operate in your daily life; your sense of  I AM.

You wake up, and you say, “I am going to work.”
Then you say, “I am going to earn.”
Then you say, I am going to meet my friends.”
Then you say, “I am going to play.”
The entire day is a succession of the activities that this ‘I AM’ is absorbed in.

The very movement of ‘I AM’ is ego.

That is the point to start.

Knowing ego is freedom from the ego.

Acharya Prashant: God is a cat


Acharya Prashant: What is love? What is the definition of love?

A lot has been said on this subject and I can add to it. Even, I have spoken hundreds of times on this, but I want to ask you something—when you are really dallying with your lover, and we are adults, I am not prepared to believe that we have never known the immersion of love, when you are really dallying with your lover, do you suddenly pause and ask, what is the definition of love?” “Can you please define what we are doing right now?” Read more

Women at PAF!

A Pakistani court says:

 Men have the right to beat their wives lightly

Read this article to know the response of the Pakistani women:…/pix-just-trybeatingmelig…/20160602.htm

We at PrashantAdvait Foundation support liberation

from all kinds of oppression.


Acharya Prashant says:

Never surrender your freedom.
Surrender in freedom.


In response to the above, we talked to some of our lady colleagues at PAF regarding their experiences and life.

The warriors expressed how they feel to be a part of the foundation—their life, challenges, learnings!


Neha Rajput says:

As a woman, it is a challenge to work in PAF. Why? Because she has to go beyond her so-called limitations of being a ‘woman’. She is given positions of tremendous responsibility, she is given a conducive environment to lead herself, she is respected, she is pampered, she is loved. But, she is also scolded. When? When she complains of her limitations as a ‘woman’, when she fails to go beyond her limitations as a ‘woman’, when she cries and sobs that she cannot be up to the mark because she is a ‘woman’. Working at PAF liberates her from all the limitations imposed on her as a ‘woman’.


Sushmita Barthakur says:

Being in PAF has been an empowering experience in so many ways:-

– From a woman too used to her comforts, to stand on the street, to move about alone, to be there, without many ideas or hesitations broke many boundaries within. Not just you say Yes to freedom, but No to so many barriers trying to hold a woman back.

– To understand and live a life beyond the tags of being a daughter, sister, wife or mother. That living free of this images is possible is something I could learn and imbibe being a part of PAF.


Anu Batra too shares her experience:

My experience of working at PAF as a woman is one of Trust. One of safety. This question itself seems quite weird to me: my experience as a ‘woman’.One is not made to feel like a ‘woman’ at PAF, instead there is complete sense of belongingness to the organisation. Working and Volunteeting at PAF means the opportunity to be on one’s toes at all times. Gender ceases to become an issue when there is a bigger calling at hand.


Let us see what Shivani B Jhai has to say:

It is easy to be scared and intimidated by the world and its propaganda. Being at PAF and with Sir, I have somehow started to not give importance to these things. There is just a reminder that comes in my mind – “Why think the world is against me?” And I feel more protected. Working with PAF, doing tours, speaking out – all this has helped me pass the barriers of so called social rules of safe living. And now it is safer and livelier. It has strengthened me to take my decisions without being greatly eclipsed by social pressures. It has made me stronger. 🙂

Thankful as ever to Acharya Prashant.


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To understand is to conquer fear


Question: Sir, I am afraid of making decisions. I depend on others for my decisions. Please help me on this.

Shri Prashant: Can one really be afraid of making a decision? We are actually afraid that the decision will prove to be ‘wrong’. Is it the decision-making that terrifies us or the thought that my decision may turn out to be wrong? Read more

Love, take me to the Heart!

Speaker: Every single line here makes use of characters, objects, metaphors, images, that is the only way language can proceed. That is the tool of language as well as the limitation of language. It will have to talk about something. Whenever you will use words, whenever you will use language, obviously, you would be talking about something or somebody. Read more

To become free of problems, take on the biggest Problem.

All this universe is the dream product of the non-dual, untainted,

Knowledge Bliss only.

~ Advaita Bodha Deepika

11182253_657064954399485_7358815056560707587_nQuestion: Very rarely could the mind see the futility of all the pettiness it holds onto. But these days, with the mind engrossed in so many activities, the petty thoughts rarely bother. Even people and situations, which I tolerated due to my insecurities, now hardly leave any impact.

Not sure if this is a trick of the mind to co-opt due to its fear or is it really quietness? Is it okay?

Speaker: Yes, it is okay. (Smiles)

You were since very long, very well-adjusted with your miseries and diseases. Now, start learning to get adjusted to health. That also requires a little bit of adjustment, because health is such a stranger. You have not known it. So, when it comes, you do not know what it is, and who it is. You have never seen its face before. It was like your own unborn baby. Or you could say that you were the unborn baby and it was like your mother, whose face you had never seen. Now get adjusted.

Read more