Acharya Prashant: Is plunging into sex a method to gain freedom from sex?

A parent-child relationship is one relationship that is supposed to be perfectly ‘asexual’. But it is not.

What is the father or the mother caring for? The purity of the child’s mind, the ‘Peace’ that the child must have, are they bothered that the child must not be conditioned? Are they making sure that the child not only does not get conditioned by the world but also able to overcome the pre-existing biological conditioning? Are they caring for the child’s liberation? If not, then they are only caring for the child’s body.

~ Acharya Prashant


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Acharya Prashant on Jesus Christ: Who is a man and who is a woman?

When Jesus says ‘woman’, he means all that which gives birth, has taken birth and would die. When Jesus says ‘woman’, he means all that which has a tendency to continue into the future by procreating.

When Jesus says ‘man’, he refers to the only man that there is – which is Jesus or the father of Jesus, who are anyway identical.

So, when Jesus says that no woman would have authority over man, no woman would disobey man, argue or resist and her job is to remain silent, obviously he does not mean a physical woman because Jesus himself is not a physical man.

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