Artificial intelligence and Real intelligence

Creativity is causeless and beyond reason. Creativity is not a product of the usual processes of the mind. Creativity requires freedom and faith, neither of which are possible to a system put together by the mind. Hence, the right and ineluctable place of human beings will on the high peaks of creativity.


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Why do we blame others for our mistakes? || Acharya Prashant (2015)

When you are able to blame others, then you are able to earn certain rights for yourself. Those rights cannot come to you, if you do not say that others are in a position to harm you. Even the law agrees to killing in self defense.

Blaming is quite nice to the ego. Blaming is a good defense against responsibility. So that you do not have to do the right action; you can just blame somebody. To not to blame is to take the onus of Right action.

On having motives in life || Acharya Prashant (2014)

A synonym for motive is greed. And greed arises only when you feel some incompleteness. All motives arise from a mind that is not feeling good about itself. Otherwise there is no need. The question that you’ll ask is that if we don’t have a motive, why will we work? You’ll work exactly because you don’t have a motive. Earlier you were working in your sadness, now you’ll be working in your joy.

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