What is a silent mind? || Acharya Prashant, on Raman Maharshi (2017)

A Silent mind is the one, that is not under any internal pressure, any internal compulsion to react to what comes to it.

Stuff keeps coming to it, the mind watches the stuff that comes to it.

The mind does not feel a necessity to react, or engage, or be attached, or be identified, or do anything with miscellaneous stuff that comes to it.

What stops you from being your true self?

Any concept you believe in, will take you away from what you really are!

The leaf cannot have a concept about the roots.

The leaf has to just look at it’s leafness. The leaf has to look at the life juice flowing in its veins.

And that’s the blessing of the roots, and also the proof of the roots.

The sap in the leaf is both – the blessing of the roots, and the proof of the roots.

Acharya Prashant, with students: How to have confidence in oneself?

We do not Love ourselves enough to give time to ourselves. We are involved in all kinds of activities outside. But we do not look at that, which is going on inside. We consider that unimportant, just because our education has not taught us that ‘this’ is important. Our education has taught us that all kind of technology is important, the rules of the Universe are important, but ‘me’, ‘my life’ and ‘my mind’ are important, that has not been brought to us by our education. So we don’t give it time.

Give this time.

It deserves time.

You are important. You must have a certain respect, Love and regard for yourself.

And then you will not need superficial remedies like ‘confidence.’

~ Acharya Prashant


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