Feel grateful when your confusions get exposed || Acharya Prashant (2016)

Exposure is not causation.

Every time something is being exposed, feel grateful.

Because it was always there; it is just being brought to light now.

~Acharya Prashant
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On Khalil Gibran: Hidden tendencies have great power; but power of Truth is greater || Acharya Prashant (2015)

Your very incompleteness expresses itself in the form of your body that is why the scriptures say that only incompletenesses are born. What is born in the form of a baby is nothing but incompletenesses; they say only desires are born, only desires are born, nothing else. And that is why that which is born is desirous since the first moment, since the first moment it is desirous—that body. And it spends its entire life just trying to fulfill those desires.
The weak and feeble and teary I – ‘aham vritti’ turns out to be so strong that it controls the entire life of the mortal ‘jeeva’. What is ‘aham vritti’? What is it? It’s a crying mass, weeping, weeping all the time — give me a partner, give me a sense of meaning, give me completion, give me wholeness. Such a pitiable thing, this I am is. But don’t consider it weak because this pitiable thing is running the entire world. Your entire life, this entire universe is being run by this pitiable thing.
You look at all the movement that you see in the world. What is that movement for? Anybody who is moving in the streets, anybody who is erecting a new building, anybody who is expanding his business. What actually is he trying to do? He is trying to gain some kind of mental completion, mental fulfillment that weak sense of ‘I am’ is trying to complete the circle. That weakness is this grand world. Never underestimate it.

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We are all born married || Acahrya Prashant (2016)

We don’t live alone because we live with our despair, our desperation, with all our suppressed desires – we live with them. And because we live that way, so even when a man or a woman comes to our life, we colour him/her with these things.

So, a woman or a man is not responsible if we feel bonded or suffocated. That suffocation has only been made manifest by the presence of another person, precipitated by the person. It is actually coming from something in your mind and that something in your mind is your basic sense of becoming.

~Acharya Prashant

How can I know the Truth?

Questioner: Why can’t truth come in thoughts?

AP: Have you ever thought of something that will not disappear? And have you ever thought with the intention that something must deceive you? You think so that you get clarity and security. You think for your welfare. Don’t you? But you always think in terms of objects. Can you ever think of something that has no form, no shape, and no name? Can you ever think of something, even imagine, which is beyond space and time?

So all your thoughts are of things that are contained in this temporary material world. But the objective of thinking is to give you a Joy and a security that is beyond all this temporary material world. You think in one dimension, and the purpose of thinking is to take you to a totally different dimension. That will never happen. So thought in that sense is quite useless.

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