Your language is a conspiracy against yourself

Look at your definitions.

Look at their unworthiness.

Look at the trap that they are.

Every word that you utter is a trap.

What you call as ‘fresh’ is not fresh at all.
What you call as ‘present’ is not present at all.
What you call as ‘love’ is not love at all.
What you call as ‘me’ is not me at all.

Your language is a conspiracy against yourself.

Why do you speak?

Why do you even think?

What is depression?

Question: My question is about depression. For quite some time I have been observing that the mind is like a sine curve. There are highs and there are lows. But the lows are more frequent and wider than the highs. Why it is so?

Speaker: Lows are lows. The problem arises when the highs are also lows. Then all that you get is only lows. In a sine curve you ought to have lows and highs. Now lows are lows, but it becomes tragic when the highs are also lows. What is sad and depressing is indeed sad and depressing, but what was supposed to be exciting and wonderful, that too turns out to be sad and depressing. Then it is a betrayal of hope. Then it is indeed twice depressing. Read more

What is your ultimate desire?


I once had a thousand desires,

 but in my one desire to know you,  all else melted away.

– Rumi

Acharya Prashant: “I once had a thousand desires.” We all have a thousand desires. We all have thousand desires, right? What does each desire say? Each desire says, “Fulfil me, and you will get satisfaction.” Now, what is this satisfaction? When you are satisfied, do you still have desire? Does the desire say, “Fulfil me and still I will remain?” No, what does the desire say? “Fulfil me and I will go.”

So what does each desire want? To be fulfilled. And to be fulfilled means that the desire gets vanished. So each desire wishes for its own disappearance. So the desire only desires the disappearance of itself. That is what every desire wants. That is the nature of desire. Read more

What is escaping?

Question: I see myself escaping in all possible ways. I have observed that reading too has become a tool for the mind, to escape seeing itself. I have been seeing this for the past three days.What should I do?

Speaker: Escaping in what way? What do you mean by ‘escaping’? What is ‘escaping’? What image do you have of escaping? Escaping to where? You are with an object A, you move to an object B. Is that an escape? You move from an object B, to an object C. Is that some kind of a return? Read more

Why can’t I leave my comfort zone?

Question: When I look at what I am doing, and why I am doing it, honestly, it gives me fear. I don’t want to take action, because of the fear of the new.

Speaker: There is no fear of the new. There is only the fear of leaving the old. The old is giving you comforts, and it is as basic as that! It is so obvious, direct and ground level, that no explanation can be given or needed. It is the most gross thing that is there. It has to be obvious. Read more

The external social order neither tolerates nor matches the innate order of Love

Question: Why does society hate lovers but like husbands and wives?

Speaker: The society is not based on love. Society is a certain external order and love is an intrinsic order, an internal order. So love and society are different, are opposites. It is simple. Read more

You, I and the mind

Question: What is the difference between ‘You’, ‘I’ and ‘the mind’?

Speaker: Good. What is the difference between ‘You’, ‘I’ and ‘the mind’? Simple.

Whatever is personal is mind.

We all exist as persons. Right? Right now if I have to speak to you, I cannot look somewhere else and speak. You will feel awkward if I do that. You exist as a person. You are looking at me. Even though you do not look at me you would still be able to hear me, but it’s our common practice. The entire world does this. We exist as persons having a definite form, a definite name, a definite shape, and some characteristics that appear as permanent. Whatever this person is characterized by, is the mind. Whatever is personal, is mind. So the person is the mind and the person refers to himself as ‘I’. Wherever there is an ‘I’ there would be a reciprocal…?
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Just remember that you forget

Question: Why do we forget?

Speaker: The question is: Why do we forget? Why forgetting is a property of the mind?

Do not ask that why do we forget, just remember that we forget. Because when you forget then you don’t ask this question that why do we forget. Have you ever seen a man who has forgotten asking this question that why do we forget? Have you ever seen this? When you are asking that why do we forget, in that moment you have not forgotten.

I am saying that do not ask that why do I forget, just remember that I forget. Just remember this tendency of the mind, because even if I give an answer, you will forget the answer. Because you are prone to forgetting, what will you do with my answer? What have you done with all my answers till now?
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How can I get my ex-girlfriend back?

Speaker: ‘How can I get my ex-girlfriend back?’ The question comes from Shubham. Shubham you will have to die (audience bursts into laughter). There is no other way, you will have to die.

You know, it was Kabir who said:

ये तो घर है प्रेम का, खाला का घर नाहिं ।
सीस उतारे भुँई धरे, तब बैठें घर माहिं ॥

You will have to die. And obviously it is not death of the physical kind. When Kabir says, ‘Cut your head before you can enter the house of love’, what does he mean? What does this denote? Kabir says, ‘Cut your head down’. What does this denote?

Listener 1: Ego.

Speaker: Yes, wonderful. This denotes the sum total of your past. This denotes the absolute sum total of your past, your attitude, your conditioning that you carry forward. You cannot get your ex-girlfriend back if you continue to be the same person who broke up. Are you getting it?

After all there was a context to the breakup. Am I right? If you are the same person who broke up, how will you engage with her again? To engage with her again you will have to be an absolutely new, fresh person, that old fellow must die. Unless the old ‘Shubham’ dies there is no possibility of a new relationship. Is this becoming clear?
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Why is my mind caught in petty issues?

Questioner: Why are most of the people concerned about their own problems. Why are they not concerned about the problems of humanity?

Acharya Prashant: One cannot look at this and that when there is so much happening in my own house. There is a civil war going on right where I am standing. How can I be bothered about this and that? How can I be bothered about how many animals are dying in the forests, how many species are being eliminated every day, how the global temperatures are rising due to climate change, how can I be concerned about them when I am locked in my petty issues? Read more

Friends, jobs and the need for entertainment

Questioner: Sir, everyone is expecting something. Parents are expecting something, friends also expect something but sometimes I prefer to be alone. What to do in that situation?

Acharya Prashant: Do you really have a friend? What kind of friend is this who does not like you to do what really gives you joy?  If I am your friend and you want to be alone, what am I to do? Chase you? Get stuck to you? Or allow you to be alone? Do we really have friends? What kind of friends are these?

Somebody has said that a person is worth being with if you feel alone in his company. Only that person is worth being with. That’s the test. Read more

You have forgotten the key to yourself

Question: Sir, good afternoon. While I speak before you, I will try to choose my words very gracefully. Sir, I have many things in my life that keep me happy but it is life and we are not supposed to have everything. I have lacked something in my life that I can say as self motivation. How do I get self motivated?

Speaker: What you are really asking for is not motivation. So first of all let us make a little bit of semantic correction. Read more

Responsibility towards parents

Speaker: You see you’re young. Right? If you love somebody, do you want to chain him or her?

Listeners(everyone): No, Sir.

Speaker: Even a pet dog. Do you like to keep the dog in a closed room all the time or do you let it be free? Do you want the dog or caged bird to follow your wishes? Or would you rather have it fly, on its own? If you really love it, if you really know love, do you want to become a master, a controller? Would you say that take my permission before doing all this?
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What is Neti Neti?

Listener 1: What do we understand by ‘Neti-Neti’?

Speaker: ‘Neti’ is a Sanskrit word. It is a very simple word. All it means is ‘Not this’. ‘Neti’ means I will not take something to be what it is not. ‘Neti’ means I will not assume something to be what it is not. We all say that we want to know the truth, we want to know the realty. But before you can know the reality of anything, anybody, any person and any situation, you first must know that your beliefs or assumptions regarding that thing is misplaced. ‘Neti’ means ‘Oh! It is not what I thought it to be. I was thinking about it in a particular way.’ All thought comes with an assurance that I am alright. That thought is the truth. Thought comes with this assurance, this promise. It gives you this belief. ‘Neti-Neti’ is to challenge that belief. ‘Neti-Neti’ is to say, ‘I came close to it, I paid attention to it and in coming close and in paying attention, what do I see? It is not what I thought it to be. It is not that, it is not that at all.’ That is Neti-Neti.
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Youth and Creativity-4

Listener 1: One morning I woke up and I had a creative thing that I saw in the night. Secondly, whatsoever somebody is saying is coming from past maybe from unconscious. For each of your sentences I had so many flashes from the past. Actually I’m not ignoring knowing, it actually helped in knowing.

Speaker: Alright, let’s look at the validity of this. You said that next morning I woke up and I had a creative thing that I saw in the night. Can you dream of something of that you had no experience in the past, what you have not experienced, can it be present in your dreams?

Listener 1: Sir, actually I feel yes.
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Youth and Creativity-3

Speaker: Both are extremely dependent beings, the child has no freedom and the old man has no freedom, then, who is a young man?

Listener 1: Sir, there is a saying that ”Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, that’s why it’s called the Present”.

Speaker: Yes, that brings us to the young man. The child says I cannot know, the old man says that I already know. What does the young man says?

Listeners: I want to know
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Youth and Creativity-2

Speaker: What is it that makes old age unattractive? Why is it that we are not talking of old men in architecture? What is it that we don’t like in old age? Yes, they do have experiences, an old person’s mind is full of experiences.

Listener 1: The problem with him is that he is pre-occupied with the old and does not allow the person to do something new.

Speaker: So, now we are coming down to something very, very important. The experience itself is curse of the old man, he does exactly as you said he does. He thinks he has learned from his experiences, the old man thinks he has learned from his experiences and hence he is quite equipped to face life from his experience. I already know. Because I have experienced it and just as you said that situations in life are similar so my past experience will help me face life in present, the old man thinks exactly the same way as you are thinking right now. I have had experience and life is repetitive, so that past experience will be useful in the present. And that is why you don’t like old men because they are mistaken, they are making a fundamental mistake thinking that experience is learning. They are thinking that what you have gone through at one point in time is re-producible in other point of time and that is why you would never want to claim that I’m quiet old now, because when you are old, you are actually confining yourself to your experience.
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Youth and Creativity-1

Speaker: You can say that till this age, I could be called as a child, and, the such and such age, we call it teenager and youth and so on and so forth. It’s very complete when it comes to the body. I am not greatly interested in the cycle of the body right now. When we are talking of youth and creativity, youth and architecture, we are talking of mental cycle. Mentally, who is a child? Irrespective of the age, Mentally who is a child? His physical age may be twenty-five years or eighty years but mentally, who is a child? Who do you call mentally arrested, mentally still kid?
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What is patience?

Question: Sir, what is patience?

Speaker: Question is, ‘What is patience?’ Well, Nothing. What you know as patience is just toleration of time. You are tolerating something, and you call it as ‘patience’.

Patience is not about accommodation, adjustment, tolerance. Patience is attention. Patience is timelessness. Patience is not when you say, ‘I can be patient for the next three hours’. Real patience is when you do not even know that those three hours have passed away. Patience is timelessness. You know patience of somehow tolerating time. ‘I tolerate time. I tolerated those restless moments, and I call that patience’. No, that is not patience.
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Why can’t I live in the present?

Speaker: The question asked is that why can’t the brain be in the present? Because the present is not. You see, your mind makes sense of the world around. Your mind continuously makes sense of  this world all around. But can your mind make sense of this moment? This moment is outside the domain of your mind. Mind never lives in this moment. How do you know that your mind is functional? How do you know that you have a functional brain? How do you know? Through your thoughts. Right? That is what the mind is always doing. Thinking. All memories, all hopes are nothing but the thoughts. The mind lives in these thoughts, these images. Right? All of that is past.
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