How to be excellent in one’s work? || Acharya Prashant (2018)

Ram is the source of all excellence.

All excellence.

Kabir’s excellence, Krishna’s excellence, the excellence of an astronaut, the excellence of a deep-sea diver, the excellence of a tailor, the excellence of a swimmer, the excellence of a professional, whatever. 

If you don’t have excellence in what you do, it is because you have been disloyal to Ram.

After the high of the camp, if one’s consciousness again starts slipping back||Acharya Prashant(2019)

Hold on.

There will be temptations.

Old habits, old environments will beckon you, but stand still and strong.

Don’t give up.

It’s a battle worth fighting and worth winning.

Don’t lose this one.

If you can win this one, then in all the forthcoming battles of life, victory is guaranteed.

Just win this one.

How to drop the burden of past? || Acharya Prashant (2018)

Man suffers alone, so obviously his primary responsibility is to alleviate his personal suffering.

It’s just that when you enter into your personal suffering and go deep enough, you realise that your personal suffering is inseparable from the general good.

You cannot get rid of your personal suffering, without bringing goodness to everybody.

But the beginning nevertheless has to be with your personal suffering.

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