Intelligence is fully yours, and yet you cannot own it

Question: Is it incorrect to refer to intelligence as my intelligence?

Speaker: In love if you do that, it’s wonderful. You are saying, “Is it incorrect to refer to intelligence as my intelligence?” If you are referring to intelligence as my intelligence in love, then it’s wonderful, but if you are referring to intelligence as my intelligence in possession, then it is not correct. Intelligence is one, manifests itself as different. You have all the right to call it my intelligence; it is surely yours, but not exclusively yours. It is surely yours, but not exclusively yours; it is like a father with thousand kids. Every kid has the right to say “My father”, but no kid has the right to lay ownership over the father. “Exclusively my father”. No, that won’t do. Read more

Faith does not answer questions, it laughs at them

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for,

the evidence of things not seen.

– (Bible, Hebrews 11:1)

Question: Sir, how is faith different from superstition? How do I know that I am not landing in trivia?

Speaker: A similar question was posed to Jesus. He was asked, “How do we know that your Father’s Kingdom is just as you describe? Can you give us a proof? Can you show us a sign?” That was the exact question asked to him, “Can you show us a sign?” And this got Jesus upset. He said, “With your faithlessness you are asking this question, how will you ever see a sign?” And he walked away. He did not stop at that place. He went away. He said, “I can’t even talk to you.”

Then he said that “The only sign is – the dead will come alive. That is the only sign, but to see that sign, you will have to die. And you won’t die because you are faithless.”

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How does one stay calm?

Question: How does one stay calm?

Speaker: What takes away calmness? When you are sleeping, deeply, then are you calm? You are asking, “How does one stay calm?” Aren’t you calm when you are in deep sleep?

Listeners: Yes.

Speaker: You are calm. And then you wake up, and you become anxious.

Listener 1: It is because of the thoughts.

Speaker: It is because of the world. You can become anxious even while sleeping. In sleep if you are anxious, it is because while sleeping there are dreams. So if the world intrudes even in your sleep, then you become restless even while sleeping. The world itself is the reason for anxiety, for losing your calmness. Read more

Why can’t I stop cheating myself?

Questioner: Sir, I know somewhere I am cheating myself but I am still doing, what I am doing. Why?

Speaker: (Jokingly) You want to get beaten up, that’s it, nothing else.

(everyone laughs)

Mind has several diseases out of which one is this one as well. There are people who take pleasure in getting beaten up. Have you heard of such people?

(Jokingly) You want to get beaten up and there is immense pleasure in getting spanked. There are tools available in the market. Some people do not even get sexually aroused unless you beat them black, blue and red.

(everyone laughs)

That is it. According to his conditioning, one demands pleasure out of various things in life. There is nothing in existence which is not a source of pleasure to somebody or the other.

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If others can predict you, others will enslave you

KG-10“Thus, I became a madman

And I have found both freedom and safety

in my madness;

the freedom of loneliness

and the safety from being understood

For those who understand us,

enslave something in us.

Khalil Gibran

Question:  Why is Khalil Gibran saying that those who understand us enslave something in us?

Speaker: The context, in which Khalil Gibran is using these lines, has to be seen. When he says ‘loneliness’, read it as ‘aloneness’; when he says ‘understand’, read it as ‘think of’. What he is saying is that, those who are able to know us via thought, are able to know us only in terms of material; name, form, shape, size, time, past, identities. So, those who know of us in terms of these time and space bound variables, have a relationship of master and slave with us. They act as the master and slave, and we too act as the master and slave. Only such is the quality of the relationship.

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Do not be wary of a particular type of thought; be wary of thinking itself

Question: Tired of thinking about love, my mind still wants to make concepts about it. I know I cannot understand, howsoever much I try. Sir, I want to be in it; whatever it will take, I am ready to surrender. But I don’t know how to? I heard you say that one needs to kill himself. I want to know what is there to kill and I need to know where do I stand and who am I?

Speaker: You started by saying that you are just tired of thinking about love. One cannot be tired of thinking about any one subject in particular. When one is tired of thinking, one is tired of thinking itself. Otherwise, thoughts just run from one topic to another topic which does not appear like the first one. But the second topic have a characteristic that it is not the first topic. So, the second object of thought is related to the first one in the sense that it is not the first one. The mind thinks that in this way, it has avoided a particular topic, a particular object. It does not see that nothing has been avoided. The second is but a shadow of the first. The second exists only because one wanted to avoid the first. So, in rushing to another thought, you are still in a way present with the first thought.

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Why does one suffer from inferiority complex?

Question: Sir, how can I know that I am suffering from inferiority complex? How to become self-sufficient?

Speaker: How to know or how to correct the complex?

Listener: How to correct?

Speaker: How to correct the complex. Everybody is suffering from an inferiority complex, everybody. This whole world that you see around yourself is a proof of our sense of inferiority. Inferiority means, ‘I lack something’. Have you seen how desperate we are to gather, to collect? What all do we collect? Tell me.

Listener: Good image, good salary.

Speaker: And everybody is collecting this that, everything. You collect something only if you feel you do not have it. You collect something only when you feel that there is something that is asking for fulfillment. So all this is just inferiority complex, nothing else. It is just that certain kinds of inferiorities are not termed as inferiorities in our language.

So, somebody is ambitious, people do not usually call him suffering from inferiority. But that is what ambitiousness is. I need this, I want to become that. If you really look out how much do you need? It is not much. It is attainable. I am not talking about the mental, psychological needs. I am talking about your basic physical needs, you have not much. And the body is not which feels inferior, it is the mind that feels it is inferior. Read more

Agree with freedom for freedom is your nature

Question: Sir, why does a sense of disagreement always comes? And if it has become a tendency of mind, then why this process is also choice based?

Speaker: Why do I tend to disagree with whatever comes? Is that what you asking?

Questioner: Yes sir, and this process is also choice based.

Speaker: In what sense?

Questioner: Means, I would like to follow someone that I will always like to disagree with. We have ready-made choices for this.

Speaker: It’s not that you really disagree. Had disagreement been your nature, you would have disagreed with disagreement also! You would have resisted, resistance also! But you don’t do that, right? You agree with your disagreement. And you agree with a lot of other things as well. The world overpowers us in a thousand ways and don’t we agree to that?

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To be at rest is to be at the destination even in the middle of the journey

Question: Sir, when you say rest, what do you mean by that, because something is always going on in the periphery, some or other activities are always being carried out?

So what is rest?

Speaker: Rest is to realize that none of those activities, which continue on the periphery, have any real value. Rest is to realize that whatever you are doing is ultimately not going to benefit you in terms of result. However, the doing itself can come from the point of being already at the result.

See, whenever you act, you act in the hope of a result. That’s what gives energy to our movement, right? Rest is to not to hope for a result, but to be already there, already there; and because, you are already there, so the activity is happening. Now, you cannot really take the activity seriously, because what can the activity now give you? Nothing much depends on the activity. Whatever is there to be taken seriously is not at stake. It is in a sense pre-obtained; pre-ordained and pre-obtained, both.

So, now the activity is a game, a pass time, just for fun. You can indulge yourself or you can change the activity. The activity doesn’t really mean much. You said things are always there on the periphery, now it is really only on the periphery. Now, you realize that it cannot give you something of the center.

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Why do we blame others for our mistakes?

Question: Why do we always want to blame something on others? Why is accountability so important?

Speaker: When you are able to blame others, then you are able to earn certain rights for yourself. Those rights cannot come to you, if you do not say, that others are in a position to harm you. Even the law agrees to killing in self-defense. You kill a man just like that, you will be jailed. But if you kill a man in self-defense, it is considered alright. So, you can label somebody an aggressor, an attacker and what right do you get? The right to kill him. Even when the police wants to stage these fake encounters, they do not say that, “We brought these people here to the jungle and just shot them.” What do they say? They say, “You know these people were shooting at us, so in self-defense we had to kill them”, Even the police needs some kind of an excuse to kill. Read more

How to deal with anger?

Questioner: In spite of keeping all watch and vigil, anger comes and leads to wrong actions on certain trigger points and situations. After that it is realized that a slip happened. What is the way?

Speaker: There is nothing in existence that is unnecessary, totally useless, needlessly there. It is good that we are talking of anger, its causes and its consequences, the harm that it does. But that also might be because firstly anger is very gross, very visible. There is a clear sensual expression of anger. So, it becomes very obvious that we are angry; it cannot remain hidden. And secondly our education or morality has constantly taught us that anger is something bad. So to the problem of anger, we seem like being alert. But are we equally alert, let’s say, to the fact that even in those moments of the day when everything appears normal, we are actually feeling a little down, a little dull, a little bored, a little short of energy; that we do not consider a problem as big as anger, again for those two same reason. One, anger is gross and that constant sense of background boredom is subtle. In anger you shout, your face turns red, your blood pressure rises. In boredom, well, there is not much that happens that can be caught or traced by senses. Now you are just sitting, you are weary, you are yawning, and it doesn’t seem that there is much wrong with yawning. In anger, well you are beating people up. It seems that there is so much wrong with anger. And secondly, we have been taught that anger is bad and boredom is a much smaller evil. But is that so?

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How do I get rid of my restlessness?

Question: Restlessness doesn’t really leave me. Why am I so restless? How can I get rid of my restlessness?

Speaker: Cars these days come with the auto-pilot feature. You can put the car on the cruise mode, especially on long drives, and the driver can relax. There was a research conducted on the vehicles that have this auto-drive feature.  It was found out that people who buy cars having this facility do not really use it. Read more

Do not give false treatments to your restlessness

Speaker: If you are peaceful, if you are joyful, if you are centered, if you do not always feel like running after achievement, then no change is needed. Everything is alright.

Look at this. When you are running after achievement, what is this that you are saying? ‘I want success.’ When you say that I want change, when you say that I want success, what is that you are saying? ‘I do not accept things as they are. I want something new which I can call as success.’ That is proof enough that there is something unsettled in the mind, that the mind is wandering.
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How do I cope with the stress of future? || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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Question : How do I cope with the stress that is likely to come in the next four years?

Speaker : Let’s understand this situation right now.

Are you all stressed right now?

Listeners : No.

Speaker : You aren’t. But there is a thought of stress already building up. There is the thought of stress. Are you getting it?

Several of you are listening quite attentively. Aren’t you? Is there any stress? But now if in this moment I run a movie here that shows the kind of stress some engineering and medical students have experienced in the past, then you will be stressed out. Right? So, what is stress?
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