Externally you may be comparable but Essentially you are beyond comparison

Question: Sir, why is comparison required for growth and what is the real meaning of comparison?

Speaker: Why is comparison required for growth and what is the real meaning of comparison. As we look at the world, all we see is things, objects, materials, and everything that we see with our eyes or think of with our mind has a definite shape, size and other characteristics. Right? It is limited. And whatever is limited, can be expressed as a number. Whatever you see around yourself can always be expressed as a number. Look around, you have this pillar.(Points out to a pillar in the room) This pillar will have a definite height, and a width, and a breath, and the color of the paint has a definite wavelength, right? And there is a definite strength of the pillar? And all of these things can be denoted through a number. Can they not be? You are sitting here and breathing and there is the air, and the air has a particular density, and the density can be expressed as a…?

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Live fully, die fully, and then come alive, again, and again…

Listener: Can we do music, study and exercise together, successfully?

Speaker: Sagar is asking, can I be into music, studies and exercising simultaneously.

No, never simultaneously! Never simultaneously. I would not really enjoy if you are exercising right now? Or if you are singing right now. Right now there can be only one music and only one exercise. Simultaneity in that sense, is not possible, and not welcome either; should not even be attempted. One thing at one go.

A Zen monk has said that, “When I eat, I eat; when I walk, I walk; when sleep, I sleep.”

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Why do we choose to suffer silently?

Question: Why do we choose to suffer in silence, to not fight back? Does all frustration need to be voiced?

Speaker: If you will not suffer, how you will write this question? If you will not ask this question, how will this form get filled? If your form does not get filled, what will happen to your participation? What will I speak on? Your suffering is very important to keep your mind moving. If you do not suffer, things will come to a standstill. Suffering gives you a lot of food for thought, and lot of ammunition for violence.

“I am suffering so I get the right to fire here and there, to shoot down a few people.” Why? “My suffering has earned me a license to be a little revengeful.” Getting it? Something has to keep happening. If you will not be in pleasure, then you will have to be in silence.

So, what does pleasure take away? Silence. And what does pain take away? Silence. They might seem like opposites, but both pleasure and pain are good devices to keep you away from silence.

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What is the meaning of intellect?

Question: Is spirituality easier or more probable for a sharp intellect?

Speaker: We do hear this sometimes that one requires a certain level of intellect even to be spiritual. That one needs the power to think and analyse, logically discern, so as to go deep into the spiritual truths. But to what extent is this factual, that we will have to investigate. Read more

What is reflected awareness? || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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Speaker: The question is, ‘what is reflected awareness?

There are two ways to know yourself. I will first take up the way we commonly know ourselves. What is that way?

So, here is Preeti and someone comes up to her and says, ‘Preeti, you are brilliant’. Right? And this sentence changes into her mind as, ‘I am brilliant’. Are you getting it?

An external entity comes to her and says, ‘Preeti, you are brilliant’. What does Preeti make of this statement? That I am brilliant. Now, has Preeti known for herself that she is brilliant? No. An external entity said something to her and she has just internalized it. The result will be that she would never be sure of herself, because it is not her own knowing, it is coming from outside. She will also live in fear, because if she accepts that I am brilliant which is coming from outside, then she will also have to accept that I am stupid which will also coming from outside. Are you getting it? The gates have been opened. You have given somebody else the power to determine what you are.

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Choices are a sign of confusion || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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Questioner: Sir, it is told to us that options create confusion in one’s life. But wherever we go, whatever we want to do, we have to search for options. Why?

Acharya Prashant: The question, rather this statement has to be clearly understood.

‘Options create confusion.’

What it means is that when you really understand, then there are no options.

When you really understand then there are no options, then there is great clarity of vision. Read more

Why am I always thinking of the society?

Question : Why am I always thinking of the society?

Speaker : We give consideration to society because whatever we are doing, is usually for the sake of society.

Listener : Why even in our personal actions also we include the society?

Speaker : Yes, what you call as your ‘personal’ actions, the horrible fact is that even they are social actions. We may think that when we are alone in our house, let’s say in the kitchen or in the study room, then whatever we are doing over there, is a personal action. But it is not a personal action at all, because it is still being dictated by the society.

There is a student who is in her study room preparing for an engineering entrance examination. But she is preparing just because of the social pressure. Now is this preparation, is the moment of preparation when she is alone in her study, is this a personal action or a social action? Is it personal action or a social action?
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How to have no regrets? || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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Question : Sir, I often get affected by others. I depend on others to tell me what is right and what is wrong, and when that happens I often find myself regretting later. Later, I feel disappointed that why did I allow myself to be affected by others‘ opinions, words, actions and whatsoever. How to have no regrets?

Speaker : I would be very happy even if there is a single individual who understands what this ‘right and wrong’ are all about.

You see, we talked of two layers of education. Similarly, there are two layers of ‘right and wrong’. The first layer deals with ‘right and wrong’ which are specific to time, place, country, occasion and many other variables. Such ‘rights and wrongs’ keep changing. What is right in one country is wrong in another country, what is wrong in one house is right in another. At the same place, what was right few years back is considered wrong now.
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