Women in revealing dresses: liberation, or titillation? || Acharya Prashant (2020)

Had you had any kind of a little spiritual education, you would have known the fact of the body.

Had you paid even a few visits to a crematorium, you would have known what bones, skin, blood and all the visual beauty is really about.

You just need to see the intestines popping out of the stomach of a burning body, and you would lose all fascination for bellies and belly buttons.

How To Bring About A Total Women’s Revolution?

If the woman can be saved, it is only through true spirituality because spirituality alone can take you out of your body identification.

The body, the hormones, the maternity, the nest, as long as these remain important to the women, no liberation, no liberation at all. And when her body will cease to be important for her, the man too will cease to be important for her.

Man rides upon woman, enslaves woman because the man is very important for the woman.
Woman may not be the center of the man’s world, but go to most women and you will find that man is the center of woman’s world. It is quite strange.

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