• “Sometimes you stay away and complain that the Teacher can’t show you the way. Sometimes you come close and find that the Teacher is the way.”


  • “A fake teacher will empty your pockets and stuff your mind. A real teacher will empty your mind itself. With the real teacher, your being will be the payment. Nothing less than that will suffice. The real teacher comes free and is very dear.”


  • “The real Teacher is not a person.The Prophet is not a body. Do not let your mind be engaged in gossip about the source of the Teacher’s voice. Rest assured the source of the voice is not the throat or the brain. Yes, because the voice is coming to you, so it must appear as if it is coming from a tongue, as if the language has been thought out by a human brain. But no, neither has the language been thought off by the human brain nor is the lip responsible for bringing the words to you. It is the song of the beyond. Just that it is being transmitted through a body. Do not be concerned with the body, listen to the song.”


  • “The simple words of the Teacher are not understood by the complex mind”


  • “The Teacher is the voice of Truth, not the man behind the voice”


  • “More you stay with the world, more you need it. More you stay with a Teacher, less you need anything, including him. World clings. Guru frees.”


  • “We don’t surrender the ego. We just park our ego with the teacher in the assurance that he will keep it safe. Real surrender means to accept that ego is what you have, and it stinks, and you can’t take the stink anymore. So you give it up. It is not yours anymore; you are free of it. But you still own it, still possess it, are still attached to it. So, you search for a convenient teacher who will not hurt your ego. That’s also why you create God- a merciful, affable God.”


  • “The only way to learn is to teach. Allow the inner teacher. Create an environment in which teaching can happen, and become your own student.”


  • “Going to a teacher is not ‘pick and choose’.”


  • “Your own essence is the Guru, the essence of everything”


  • “The Teacher offers unsolicited support when you donot feel the need for that support. Then you get used to that support.Then the Teacher takes it away. You are in tears and you declare him insensitive and undependable. “How dare he break the pot he himself so lovingly made?”, you shout.You walk away from him in rage and despondency, and stumble.

    And he supports, yet again. In another form, in another name.

    You are doomed to meet the Guru. You cannot escape him. He will support you despite your ingratitude and break you despite your gratefulness.

    He is You.”


  • “If you are not syncing with the Teacher, you are sinking.”


  • “The Teacher’s role is to show that a teacher is not needed.That is the rightful role of the Teacher.”


  • “The teacher uses your bondages to take you to freedom.”


  • “The Teacher brings you intimate to God, and excuses himself from there.”


  • “The Real teacher disappears from the outside and you see him in your Heart.”


  • “The more time you spend with the scriptures or with the Teacher, the easier it will be for you to demolish the influence, that the world has built-up upon you.”


  • “India is the place where maximum scriptures were written, and India is also the place where they came to know that scriptures cannot help you beyond a point. Only direct transmission can help. India has had the greatest libraries. But India has also said that without coming in direct contact with a Teacher, things will not materialise.

    While on one hand, I will always say, that one must read and read a lot. On the other hand, reading is fraught with its own risks, and reading can never substitute for a living Teacher.

    No book is going to come and hold you accountable.
    No book is going to come and tell you on your face that you are cunning.
    A book is a book.

    When those words were spoken, they had great life in them. Now, ‘you’ are master of the book. ‘You’ can manipulate the words. ‘You’ can interpret them according to your own convenience, and ‘you’ can quote those words.

    When the teacher is alive, then you dare not manipulate him. After he is gone, the words are yours. You do what ‘you’ want to.

    The words will become a plaything in the hands of ego.”


  • “The Teacher does not speak to confuse you. He has no interest in throwing riddles around. He wants to help you. So he has said something. His words are like the Truth – direct, obvious and simple. But to a complicated mind, the obvious and the simple makes no sense. To a complicated mind, the obvious and the simple becomes a great puzzle.”


  • “The complicated mind cannot become one with the simple. The words of the Teacher arise from a point of innocence. With all your cleverness, how will you ever know those words?”


  • “What comes from a certain point, can be understood only at that point. What comes from a certain depth of meditation, can be understood only at that depth.
    Teacher is expressing thoughtlessness. If you had even a single thought while listening, just tell yourself that you have missed it.”


  • “Student would understand the Teacher only when he is already the Teacher.”


  • “If the Teacher is occupying your mind then remember that only falseness occupies the mind.”


  • “The Teacher speaks from his aloneness and the student must listen from his aloneness. If the teacher is speaking to the student, he cannot speak, and if the student is listening to the teacher, he is surely not listening.”


  • “The Teacher just speaks; from nowhere, for nobody. It’s a useless, purposeless, miraculous sport, from nowhere and for nobody.”


  • “Listening without separation is the only way to listen to a teacher or to a poet.”


  • “Q: Is not the Real teacher always smiling? I do not like Gurus that scold.

    AP: What kind of a student are you if you can’t see the Love contained in the Guru’s harshness? The energy spent by the Guru in scolding you is the highest compassion.

    The Guru, in his eagerness, seems to have embraced an unwilling student.”


  • “If you are living in darkness, you would be punished. If you escape punishment from the Teacher, then life will punish you.

    Teacher punishes you compassionately; life punishes you dispassionately.”


  • “When you prove to the Teacher that you are ready for the Truth, he holds you and put you through punishing tests.
    When you insist to the Teacher that you are not yet ready, he lets you go your own way.

    Blessed is such bondage, and cursed is such freedom.”


  • “If you feel bad when scolded by the Teacher, then you do not know what it means to not to be scolded by the Teacher.”


  • “The right teacher disappoints you because he gives you nothing.”


  • “The right teaching helps you forget.”


  • “In front of a Teacher, one does not take his questions seriously. One just puts his situation forthrightly and lets the happening proceed from there.”


  • “One does not come to a Teacher to gain conclusions.
    One comes here to drop what one already has.”


  • “The Real Saint looks like a heretic or a lunatic than a saint.”


  • “The personality of the teacher is just a temporary method. Don’t confuse the personality with the teacher. The teacher really is the Truth absolute; nothing else.”


  • “Being a good teacher and being a good parent are so much one and the same thing. If you can’t be a good parent how will you be a good teacher and if you are not a good teacher, how is it possible that you will be a good parent?”


  • “The words of the Real Teacher must have that quality of emptiness. They must be no words. It is not from words that we learn, it is from something very clean, pure, empty behind the words. That is from where we learn.”


  • “A million years of walking on the ground will not make you fly. So, if you are using this method or that method, yes, you will cover a lot of distance, you will see exotic places, you will have wonderful experiences, you will meet fascinating teachers, but all on this level. You will never reach there.”


  • “The teacher uses your bondage to take you to freedom.”


  • “With the teacher, you do not feel the need to test anything because whatever is being said, is anyway, eternally, established as the Truth, and established not by others, established in your own Heart.”


  • “The Teacher is minus your conditioning. That is why you love Him. He is what you essentially are. He is what you are missing out on. He is what you would love to be.He is That which you are destined to be.”


  • “The key to knowing the mind of the Master is to know the mind of the disciple.

The disciple avoids looking at his mind by trying to dream about the mind of the master.

When you’ll know yourself, you’ll also know the teacher. Without knowing yourself, if you are curious about the teacher, you are just avoiding self-enquiry.

Let your questions be pointed towards ‘you’.

And when your questions are pointed towards yourself, strangely, you also come to know the teacher.”


  • “Had you had no false teachers, you would require no teacher today.”


  • “The role of a teacher is to make you become ‘somebody’, the role of the teacher is to fill you up with knowledge. So, he makes you into somebody. The role of the Guru is to clean everything that the various teachers have done with you.”


  • “A teacher is somebody who stuffs up your mind with knowledge. The role of the guru is to put knowledge in its proper place, not give you more knowledge.”


  • “The Real teacher hardly ever had any follower-ship. It is the primary duty of the Teacher to make himself redundant.”


  • “The Real Teacher would never be too acceptable. He would not look like a pleasing fatherly figure because only that pleases you which allow you to continue as you. And the Teachers’ responsibility is to not to let you continue as you.”


  • “In understanding, there are no meanings left. Understanding is the dissolution of all meanings. The right teaching can never be affirmative. It will only be a revelation of your falsenesses. If you are understanding rightly the meaning of a verse or the words of a Teacher, then you will not return from the Teacher with anything. In fact, you will not return at all, because you are the baggage you carried to the Teacher. And if the teacher is a real teacher, then the baggage will be unmounted. You are the baggage. You will leave yourself behind.”


  • “The right teaching and the right meaning of the verse is a non-teaching and a non-meaning. It only annihilates; it only reduces. It gives you nothing. It only has a cleansing effect.”


  • “Go to the teacher not in greed, but in love.”


  • “You went to have some knowledge and you got it. And your tragedy is, you got nothing. The teacher’s role is not to burden you with more knowledge. I am talking about the spiritual teacher. His role is not to give you knowledge. You already have so much knowledge. But you have co-opted, even the teacher. And you think you are very smart, very clever. I went there and I got whatever he had to give. Now, I have exhausted him. Now he has nothing more to give me.”


  • “The fact is that if you are clever enough, you will exhaust every teacher very soon. Because the Truth is so simple. There is hardly anything exciting, complicated or new about it. What one teacher is saying, the other teacher says exactly that, maybe in another language, maybe using other methods.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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