• “We live to expand. Body-identified man reproduces physically. Mind-identified man expands thoughts. The free man just gives up his limits.”


  • “Beware the man who thinks he understands.”


  • “You do not surrender by thinking about surrendering. You do not surrender by declaring yourself to have surrendered. You do not surrender because surrender is good. You do not surrender out of some virtue contained in surrender. You do not surrender because you have thought it through. And you do not surrender because surrendering takes you to some divine peaceful point. You surrender because you are really tired of fighting. You surrender because you see the stupidity and the limitation of mental effort, of your calculation, of your analysis, of your entire thinking process.”


  • “Surrender is the realization that behind all diversity of thought, the tendency to think is the same.”


  • ” To surrender is to not to move when there is no need to move. To surrender is to not to think when there is no need to think.”


  • “Everything that you think of as the world is nothing but ‘you’. Everything that you think of as ‘you’ is nothing but the world. Sans your thoughts, the world and the conception of ‘you’, there is a vast nothingness and that is what you really are.” 


  • Little little thought, little little thought,
    Thought thought, ‘Am I just a thought?’
    Thought thought, and thought thought,
    And  thought thought of a God,
    And thought, ’God is thought not’,
    And thought, ‘Surely Reality is caught
    For now there is no thought’
    Little big thought, little big thought! 


  • “Mind is nothing but thoughts and tendencies.”


  • “Do not be wary of a particular type of thought; be wary of thinking itself.”


  • “What arises from the mind will have the same quality as that of the mind. It cannot provide a different quality to the mind. If you think that your thoughts can change your life, they cannot.You move around with a weighing machine, a balance in your mind. And you think that thought X can neutralize thought Y. You think good character will take care of bad character.Thought is not the arrow that will pierce the mind.Your thoughts will not unravel the mystery to you.”


  • “Honesty is not a policy. Honesty is your uncorrupted way of living. Where there is a direct beautiful movement from the Self to the mind, from the mind to the thoughts, from thoughts to action, that is honesty.”



  • “Before you enter the battle, give up all thoughts of victory. During the battle, don’t fight to be victorious. After the battle, just move on.”


  • “Every thought is a question. If you have questions, ask them. By asking you create a possibility of dissolution of the question.”


  • “‘You’ don’t begin at birth. Thoughts begin at birth.”


  • “Nothing is not a thing. Now is not a time. Here is not a location. Witnessing is not an action. Knowing this is not a thought.”


  • “Truth cannot be contained in thought.”


  • “We call our conditioning and acquired patterns of thought as ‘human nature’. These are our habits, not our nature. They can be de-acquired.”


  • “One can never claim “I am in the present moment”. ‘I am’ lives only in the past. In the present, there’s no ‘I am’ thought, just PRESENCE.”


  • “I am nothing but the influence of the others. Some of these I know to be influences; the deeper influences I think of as my self. Am I?”


  • “As thought subsides, so does this drama.”


  • “If I hold that a live engine must make noise, then its only poor car models I’ve seen. There can be awareness without the noise of thoughts.”


  • “Thoughtlessness is not the absence of thoughts. It is the presence of someone who is not affected by thoughts. It is about becoming one with the flow, without disrupting the flow.”


  • “When the thinker is the same, the ‘change’ of thought is not a change.”


  • “What is bondage? The thought of freedom. Freedom is the dream that must first dream a bondage. Freedom needs bondage for its own survival.”


  • “Absence is the thought of action. Presence is action.”


  • “I am my thoughts. The world is what I think. If I stop thinking, there is no I. Try !”


  • “My body – exactly whose body?
    My mind – whose mind?
    If I am the body, mind, thoughts, why not say ‘me body’, ‘me mind’?
    ‘Be yourself’ – be whom?”


  • “There is no original thought. All thought is stale, a product of past influences. ‘Original idea’ or ‘Creative thinking’ is an oxymoron.”


  • “The mind thinks about thoughtlessness, desires desirelessness and hopes to live in the present moment. It even plans a free-flowing life.”


  • “Will thinking bring you to thoughtlessness? Will effort bring you to effortlessness? Will change bring you to the changeless? Fantasies!”


  • “You are at war with me. Thought is your weapon.”


  • “You are your thoughts.”


  • “The point at which you are stopped is the point at which thought begins.”


  • “Attention is the bridge between thought and understanding.”


  • “One can never claim “I am in the present moment”. ‘I am’ lives only in the past. In the present, there’s no ‘I am’ thought, just presence.”


  • “Absence is the thought of action. Presence is action.”


  • “In concluding, you end witnessing, you end alertness. Conclusion is a thought. Witnessing, subtle alertness is thoughtlessness. The ego wants a prescription. It wants to know what to do: this or that. We’ve become so dumb that if someone doesn’t give us a conclusion or opinion then we think that he doesn’t understand.”


  • “The need of confidence is directly proportional to the depth of fear. With fear, all one gets is confidence – a confidence as shallow and as debilitating as fear. When there is no fear, then there is no confidence, but a deep certitude. Certitude that makes itself felt by the absence of any thought about itself.”


  • “The thinking is the thinker itself. The thinker cannot get rid of the thought.”


  • “First I thought fear: ‘I can be harmed’. Then I thought confidence: ‘I cannot be harmed’. This ‘I’ is common between the two thoughts. Till the time ‘I’ remains, there is not much difference between confidence and fearfulness.”


  • “Just as the thinker can not get rid of thought, I can not get rid of my self-concept by thinking about it.”


  • “Every thought, every cell in the body is totally conditioned. Hundred percent patterned. This pattern is the doer that I am. Watching can not happen while doing. Watching is cessation of all doing. Hence, watching is not possible by the doer.”


  • “Fear is honest, very real to this ‘I’ which by its very constitution is fragile, vulnerable. Confidence will always keep disappearing since it is false. We will never succeed seeking confidence. This ‘I’ is born out of limitation, is thought based and this thought is out of fear.”


  • “Attention is the bridge between thought and understanding.”


  • “Thoughts want nothing but security and continuation in the future.”


  • “Thought has only one function: to secure the thinker. The thinker by definition is insecure. So thought has one function: to secure your insecurity. It does that perfectly. Thought secures your insecurity.”


  • “How deeply loveless are our lives! Trembling in fear. When fear is god,violence is the religion. All thought, all action, violent, violent.”


  • “Its surely yours till you don’t think about it being yours. And then, there’s only the thought that is yours, only the thought that is you.”


  • “If I observe standing separate from the event,the observation is just an I-centric thought. Real observation is immersion, one with the event.”


  • “I think thought. Thought think I. Real is not, Not I not thought. Left with what?”


  • “Can I ever know how the world appears to a grain of sand? Am I sure the sand thinks that humans are alive? Is sand, sand in a sand’s world?”


  • “The body-identified person respects the doer. The mind-identified person respects the thinker. The unidentified person respects realization.”


  • “You think because you don’t understand. When understanding arises, thinking disappears”


  • “To think of heaven is hell.”


  • “The non-thinker thinks the best. The non-planner plans the best. The non-actor acts the best. The non-being is the best.”


  • “The stupid one thinks of himself and lives in the confusion of concepts. The wise one simply knows himself and lives in the joy of clarity.”


  • “Give yourself up. You cannot give up your fears without first giving yourself up. You being what you think you are, you cannot be fearless.”


  • “Knowledge that is external is always prone to doubt. The thinking mind is always trying and never reaching.”


  • “Man is the only creature who thinks he has to do something to enjoy himself.”


  • “Two’ ‘objects’ ‘seen’ -I calls itself ‘I’ and the stone ‘stone’. -I ‘thinks’ I am alive; I thinks the stone is not. -Alive? Different? Who?”


  • “Can I ever know how the world appears to a grain of sand? Am I sure the sand thinks that humans are alive? Is sand, sand in a sand’s world?”


  • “The river,the air,the dust,they all understand as much as,and exactly the same as,I do. Just that in my mode of thinking,they look un-alive””


  • “Forget positive thinking; Reality is the highest positivity.”


  • “What is absent-mindedness? Alertness is deep surrender. And absent-mindedness is deep ego. The absent-minded one is busy elsewhere, thinking, analysing, planning…., and missing the Present. The mind always wants to be occupied ‘somewhere else’. It thinks it knows where to go, and this is pure arrogance and haughtiness. Being absent-minded is the punishment you get for not surrendering, for thinking that your affairs of the elsewhere are too important, that there is something more significant than the Present.”


  • “Man does not know God. Man can only think of God, and in this he makes two ungodly mistakes:(i) His mind is limited and lazy, and cannot know the material reality beyond a point. So, he postulates that there are certain material things that are beyond the mind. So, he builds a character called God – as a creator of things. All religions have done that.(ii) Occasionally the mind does get startled by a whiff of the non-material. It chances upon love, it flies in freedom, it dances in joy. It realises that there is something beyond the material. But it declares that the imperceptible, the non-material, the ineffable, too can be contained in the mind. So, using the mind, it embellishes the God character and writes stories about that character. The first mistake happens because we keep feeling small and incapable. We suffer from such an inferiority complex that we can’t even admit that a human gave birth to Jesus. The moment we come across an Upanishad, a Quran, a Bible, we relegate them to divine authorship to escape from them. And the second mistake happens because we are damn arrogant. We want to capture the Ultimate in the mind. We want to claim we know God.”


  • “My eyes! They never see anything that is not already there in the mind. And I call them eyes, and I think I’m not blind, and I think,think…”


  • “Life is a joke. The attentive mind understands it spontaneously and has great fun. The dull mind keeps thinking what is there to laugh at.”


  • “To think of the solution is to believe in the problem.”


  • “The moment I think of myself, it cannot be myself I am thinking of. My image of myself is another ‘you’ among the infinite ‘you’s in the mind.”


  • “When I know, there is no way to know that I know. When I think that I know, I think and I do not know. Only a bad witness is witnessed !”


  • “The split-mind thinks that it can be loving and ambitious at the same time. Can a calculative, insecure, ambitious, planning mind know love?”


  • “I see that I think, therefore I am.”


  • “All attitudes are dangerous, whether ‘positive’ or ‘negative’”


  • “You are blessed, when you are forgetful.”


  • “What is a goal?

    Each and every thought and action that arises as a result of my restlessness, is a goal.”


  • “Thought is your own shit, full of all the infections that you have.”


  • “Emotions are just expressed material thoughts.

    When the thought becomes so intense, so powerful, that it starts showing up even materially, then you say these are emotions.”


  • “If you have very thoughtfully chosen somebody to relate to, then you are only choosing that which thinks!”


  • “It is only when you are dependent that conflicting thoughts arise; it is only when you are not dependent, then it is easy to stay firm with the obvious.”


  • “Right thought is the one that immediately tells you that thought is inadequate.”


  • “Not the object of the thought, the thought itself is the issue.”


  • “It is not the object of thought but thought itself which is the disturbance.
    It does not matter what the object of thought is.”


  • “Someone is thinking about Jalebi (a famous sweet of India); someone is thinking about Moksha. One is thinking about sex, the other is thinking about Samadhi.

    It doesn’t matter what you are ‘thinking’ about. To differentiate between thoughts is just morality. One thought is good, one thought is bad; one thought is low, one thought is high. Thought itself is the nemesis.

    Thought itself is the nemesis! Not the object of thought as such.”


  • “Not the object of the thought, the thought itself is the issue.”


  • “The sign of True Love is that you can forget.

    You can totally forget.

    You are so assured that there is no need to think or remember.

    Thought is not needed. Verbalization is not needed. You are knowing without thinking, and that is Real knowing — when you know without thinking, when you know without effort, without knowledge, without memories.

    That is how God is known.”


  • “Fulfilment is when you are not thinking about fulfilment.

    Real knowing is when you are not thinking in terms of knowledge.

    Love is when you forget all about love.

    Fearlessness is when you are not thinking that you are fearless.

    If you are thinking that you are fearless, you are just using thought as a defence mechanism.

    Whatever is Real is known by its absence in the psychic world.

    If it does not come in thoughts then it is Real. If the mind cannot imagine it, hold it, touch it, conceptualise it, then it is Real.”


  • “So here we are – “Mind beings”.

    Mind beings – who do not exist in their own eye when they are deeply asleep, absent minded or comatose. 

    Please understand.

    Anybody here who can claim to exist even in his deep sleep?

    Anybody here who can claim to be even in his deep-deep sleep?

    So such is the power of thought that our own existence in our own eyes – and when I say ‘our own eyes’, I only mean ‘thought’ – our own existence in our own eyes depends on thinking.

    If the thinking mode of consciousness ceases, then we cease to exist. 

     So the ‘mind’ is thinking all the time and we think as if ‘we’ are thinking. 

    But the fact is- without thinking we do not exist. 

    So is it not true that thought is thinking us?”


  • “Drop your stupidity.

    Know things for what they Really are.

    And if you want to know things, you will have to know the place where things appear, and that place is the mind, so know the mind.

    Know the mind.

    Having known mind, you have known thought, you have known time, you have known fear, and in knowing all these you have gone beyond all these.”


  • “God has blood on his clothes. His face is smeared with grime, sweat, blood, bile. He is a killer. You don’t see that face too often. Probably, you have never thought about it. Never seen it, right?

    But there is nothing as bloody as God.”


  • “Thought will not relieve you of suffering, for suffering itself is a thought.”


  • “Even after hundreds of years and hundreds of births, time alone never bring anybody to the timelessness. They are different dimensions. One can keep roaming on this floor for centuries, that would not make him fly; the Sky is a different dimension. You will never come to your destiny. When you drop all thoughts of coming and going and becoming then you are what you are, and you have reached your destiny. Your destiny has been revealed to you, that is a better way of saying.

    What is our destiny?
    The Non-dual Silence is our destiny. That is what we really are.”

  • “Anything arising from the tendencies cannot bring tendencies to an end.
    A new thought will not bring the old thoughts to an end because the new thought is the furtherance of the old thought.
    It is actually ‘old’.”


  • “The thinking is the thinker itself. The thinker cannot get rid of the thought.”


  • “Your obsession with the thought, continues the thought. Stop being obsessed, stop giving the thought more energy, and the thought will go away, because the thought has no organic life of its own. It is a dead thing; like a car, it depends on somebody else to give it fuel.
    Do not give it fuel, and see for how long it sustains.
    Soon it will drop down.”


  • “Nothing drives us more strongly than the thought that – something is at stake, something is about to be lost. It is death casting its shadow in various forms. That is what drives us.
    ‘Do this, or you lose this.’
    ‘Do this, and you gain this.’
    Except these two statements, is there anything else that can make you do anything?”


  • “Anxiety is thought. The presence of thought implies the lack of attention.
    All anxiety is imagination.
    In understanding of the present, energetic action starts and anxiety disappears.”


  • “What comes from a certain point, can be understood only at that point. What comes from a certain depth of meditation, can be understood only at that depth.
    Teacher is expressing thoughtlessness. If you had even a single thought while listening, just tell yourself that you have missed it.”


  • “When you keep rejecting the objects of your desire, and dreams, then slowly the tendency of the object to show themselves, to present themselves, reduces. Now you have come to a point where you know that things, or persons, or ideas, or thoughts, is not what you want. So what happens, that the chase after things, or persons, or ideas, or reputation, loses its energy.”


  • “One is thinking of fulfilment only so that the thought of fulfilment may vanish one day.”


  • “Wherever there is thought, there cannot be a whole commonality.”


  • “It is important to know what the rightful place of thought is, and beyond that point thought must not be exercised.”


  • “Even to have trust in thought you first need to have Faith that is beyond thought. So only the Faithful one can think properly.”


  • Q: I have been practising to stop my mind for the last 20 years but I couldn’t. Why?
    Acharya Prashant: Could you stop the practice? No? Then how will you stop the mind? The practice is the mind. As long as any practice continues, the mind will continue. The practice is not in the mind. The practice is the mind. That which is coming as thought, how can it remove thought?”


  • “The resistance that you give to any particular thought is exactly the energy that powers the thought.”


  • “Thought has no legs of its own. Thought moves on your legs. If you don’t move, then thought won’t move.”


  • “Thought cannot survive without movement because all thought is movement. If you don’t move then thought cannot survive.”


  • “Thoughts are so much like bicycles, unless they move they fall down.”


  • “The difference between thoughts and facts is that thoughts cannot remain without thinking, facts remain even without thinking.”


  • “Whatever you are with the thought is just the furtherance of thought.”


  • “Let the thought not be there for you. The thought is there for you only when you think that the thought is going to help you.”


  • “Your support to thought is the problem and your support to thought comes from your lack of Faith in the Total.”


  • “If you do not rely on God, you would rely on thought.”


  • “The opposite of any particular thought is just another thought.”


  • “In the vast ocean of awareness, let your thoughts rise and fall.”


  • “You do not need to control your thoughts. You just need to know that the thinker is a buffoon.”


  • “Q: Why can’t Truth come in thought?
    AP: “Truth is not there in any of your thoughts, feelings or realisations. Truth is that in which all thoughts, feelings, and realisations appear and disappear.”


  • “In an honest discussion, one just talks. One does not think what to say. It is from a point of thoughtlessness that words emerge, questions emerge.”


  • “Bondage is a thought.”


  • “Real action does not demand too many thoughts, because if you are still thinking a lot, then that thinking will impede the action.”


  • “If you are really acting, then thoughts will keep going down and down and down. As action becomes vigorous, thoughts get subdued. It is only with a calm mind that one can enter into right and energetic action.”


  • “You must learn to feel safe. You must feel assured of your security. Don’t give energy to thoughts that make you feel small, petty, vulnerable, exposed, and insecure. Things are good. Alright. You are not in an alien land. This is your home, don’t tremble so much. Stretch your arms and feel the earth. See it is not really shaking, it is holding you in her lap. Nobody is conspiring against you. There is no need to fear. There is no need to run helter-skelter for security. There is no need to hate yourself so much.”


  • “When you realize that you can be the watcher of the mind, that you can be distinct from your thoughts, then there is no need for you to engage in compulsive thinking. Now, you ‘are’, even when there are no thoughts.

    ‘I see that I AM, when I think. And I see that I AM, when I do not think.’


  • “Always be cautious of the one who is all the time thinking of you. He will kill you.”


  • “Great thinkers have been thinking greatly about how to get freedom from thought, how to get freedom from thinking! They think that if they think hard enough, they are thinking no more! They feel that if they are running fast enough, they are running no more.”


  • “You can never watch thoughts with the desire to control it. Watching thoughts just means that I know what’s going on my mind. It does not mean that I have great desire to suppress the thought. Because, suppressing the thought is another thought.”


  • “Use thought, don’t be used by thought.”


  • “If you are not committed to the truth then thought is a perpetual wanderer. A wanderer without center. It will go to all the doors possible and keep knocking there. It will conceive all the possibilities that it has been trained to conceive, and keep considering them. You will find no stability there, you will find no rest there. There is no certainty in thought, how can you have stable relationships there?”


  • “Understanding comes first, then come thoughts.”


  • “Arjuna is nothing but a flow of thoughts. Krishna is an inviting stillness. Till the time thoughts keep flowing you will try to be your own master. Till the time you want to live life based on your planning, you will never be able to know the right action for you because the right action cannot come from planning. The right action cannot come from the memories of the past or fear or hope of the future.”


  • “No scripture will ever tell you, “What is the right action for you.” No commandment will ever tell you the right action for you because life is dynamic, it is constantly moving. How many times will you refer to an instruction manual? Every second, that decision is needed. Every moment is new and fresh and it demands a new response from you. Will you keep referring to a scripture? You must have an awakened intelligence within which will help you decide what to do. In fact, that decision will not be decision at all because all decision involves the use of mind and thought.”


  • “Awareness is about the absence of thought, the absence of the need to interfere with the facts.”


  • “Understanding is fresh. Thinking is never never fresh. Thinking is like going around in a closed room. By going around in a closed room is where ever you go you stay in same room.”


  • “Your thoughts and ideas both coming from dead conditioning and even if you implement them nothing will change. Because those thoughts and ideas anyway don’t have life in them.”


  • “Thinking and understanding are two very very different states. Machines can very well think. Thinking is a process, an analysis, which draws from memory and uses that information, processes that information in a particular way.”


  • “You must be in a zone where no thought about the center arises at all.”


  • “You do not need control of thought. You just need to see that the thinker is a buffoon.”


  • “Whatsoever is harmoniously present in your life will be almost absent, you would not be thinking about it. And whatsoever need not be present in your life will be continuously sending reminders of its presence through thoughts, through responsibilities, through phone calls, it will be making itself felt, drop it. Instead of trying to attain enlightenment, stay wherever you are and drop your unnecessary baggage. May be that is enlightenment.”


  • “In every material man, lies both, a man and a woman. So, your flesh, your body, mind, brain, thoughts, all of these refer to the woman in you and the witnessing pure consciousness refers to the man in you.”


  • “Whatever you think about yourself – is the bondage. Liberation is the great silence that you are.”


  • “You must let the world proceed in the manner in which it would. The body has its own intelligence. The river knows how to flow. The birds know when to wake up. The grass is beautifully green on its own. You don’t have to interfere, just as you don’t have to interfere when food gets digested in your guts. You don’t have to interfere with your thoughts. Thoughts keep tormenting us precisely because we resist them, we interfere. The sage is saying something absolutely radical. He is saying, “Let it be. Let the drama continue. You have no obligation to control anything. Your only obligation is to stand pure. Your only obligation is to not to get sucked in.””


  • “Thoughtlessness is a myth, think fully.”


  • “Thoughtlessness does not mean that you don’t have to think; thoughtlessness means that you don’t have to take thought seriously.”


  • “When I am saying that ‘think fully’, I do not mean think more and more. I mean: think from a point of fullness. I do not mean: think continuously. That will just load the mind.”


  • “Whatsoever is left unfulfilled, seeks fulfillment through thought.”


  • “Thought arises only when there is a challenge, a problem, a doubt, a dispute. If everything is well-settled, then there is no need to think.”


  • “The sign of True Love is that you can forget.”


  • “In real completeness, there is no question of feeling anything. All feelings and thoughts arise from your center of incompleteness. In completeness, you feel or think nothing about completeness. It’s almost like health: If you are healthy, do you go about thinking that you are healthy? If you are thinking that you are sick, then you are sick. If you are thinking that you are healthy, you still are sick. You are healthy when health ceases to be something on your mind.”


  • “You are always at war and thought is your weapon.”


  • “When they come to the mind they cleanse the mind of other thoughts — that is the mantra. Once the mind is cleaned there is just mauna (silence). That silence is awareness. In that silence, you don’t have anything to think about because the thinker himself is gone.”


  • “Thoughts are so much like a bicycle; unless they move, they fall down.”


  • “The monkey does not exist without the attention that you give to it. The monkey is the attention that you give to it. The resistance that you give to any particular thought is exactly the energy that that thought carries. You give no resistance to it and thought will fall down on its own.”


  • “If you don’t rely on God, then you’ll rely on thought.”


  • “Understand that the moment you are conscious about the thoughts, the fact of consciousness feeds the thoughts; it inflates them.”


  • “Spirituality is not about having divine thoughts.”


  • “Thought cannot be there when you are attending. Similarly, when you are really introspecting, it is not thought, it is attention; thought is mechanical, attention is real. Those of you who are really listening are not thinking, and those who are thinking cannot listen. So, thought is not a sign of being alive. Neither is eating, walking, whatever. A good sufficiently advanced machine can do all of this.”


  • “The thought of success itself arises only in a sad mind. When the thought itself arises from a sad mind, how can this so-called success give you happiness?”


  • “This thought of success itself is sadness.”


  • “High thinking does not mean that you are following high ideals. No, that is not high thinking. High thinking is the thought that simply dissolves very soon. Thought that reaches its limit and disappears.”


  • “Low thinking is the kind of thinking that continuously goes on and on in the mind without ever coming to an end.”


  • “The lonely person is always thinking. The lonely person is always busy with himself. The lonely person just cannot get rid of his own personal concerns. That is loneliness. It is far from an empty dinner table. It is a restaurant choked to capacity, and serving distasteful dishes. Let not the world make you visualize a barren desert. Loneliness is not at all a barren desert. Loneliness is a teeming crowd. People people people everywhere. The world the world the world everywhere. A world that is unknown. A world that really can never be fully known. Nevertheless, a world that is the only hope of the lonely person.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant


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