• “The hurrying mind is rushing to reach, always looking at time. The relaxed mind has already reached, looking beyond time.”


  • “The Present is not a moment in time.”


  • “The Present is not this moment. Were the present ‘this’ moment, it would change with time. Past and future change in time, Present is beyond time.”
  • “ Body is time, body is memory so it requires memory for movement. The actor itself is a memory.”


  • “The Present is all that ever is. The Present is not time, yet all time arises in it. The Present is not space, yet all space arises in it.”


  • “Rooted in the timeless,its good fun to play around in time. Past and future are mere harmless jokes when the mind is immersed in the Present.”


  • “I may take time to remember it, but I cannot lose it. I may not see it, yet it is not being lost. I may remember or not, what is there is there.”


  • “Why exists time? To search for its source.”


  • “Why exists time? To search for its source. Why exists life? To search for its source. Why continues mind? As it has not found the source.”


  • “Whatever you choose you choose as a medium to something else. You don’t choose something alone, you choose an entire story beginning with that thing. Have you ever chosen anything that is final? You choose with the hope of reaching the final. To choose That alone is to come to the end of choosing, to come to the end of time.”


  • “Cause inevitably leads to effect. Cause and effect are one,happening together. Mind can’t see both at one go. This limitation it calls as time.”


  • “Whatsoever is really worthy lives and dies in this moment. Whatsoever is worthless is carried forward in time. What am I carrying forward?”


  • “I think of life in terms of a time-duration. But time itself makes my definition of life insubstantial. Time means death. Life can’t be time.”


  • “How you have been spending your time decides whether you can move into the timeless. Choose to spend your time wisely, and then your spontaneous response will shape up.”


  • “Attention is the key. In deep immersion, mind stops its usual fare. Time and space as mental constructs too disappear.”


  • “You are free to be time and space. You, in time, are the entire history of the universe. You in space, are all beings around. Nothing but You.”


  • “Aren’t we already a time machine? We move into past and future all the time!”


  • “Beliefs come from time, past. Knowing is right now. Faith is knowing that there is stuff beyond time.”


  • “Nothing is not a thing. Now is not a time. Here is not a location. Witnessing is not an action. Knowing this is not a thought.”


  • “Being in time, as a time-form,as a human body, is just one event in the lengthy logbook of my time-free Being. Seek expression, not inception.”


  • “Time is useful only as a gateway to the timeless; otherwise, time is wasted.”


  • “Spend a lifetime filling ‘real’ stuff into yourself. Finally find that all’s still unreal- the self, the stuff, the lifetime, and the finder.”


  • “How much time I spend over the world- analyzing, gossiping. If I spend a tenth of that time looking at myself, the world would surely change.”


  • “To manage time, see what your mind values.”


  • “Time is in the brain. When the brain is slayed, time also disappears. Hence, there is no ‘after’. Intelligence remains, time does not.”


  • “Time, as it exists in the mind, is a social institution.”


  • “Desire for security is the desire for eternity. Eternity is not in prolonging time. Eternity is in being beyond time. Security is illusion.”


  • “I do not exist in time and space. Time and space exist in me.”


  • “Immortal means outside time. Time is a property of Mind. What is outside time is immortal. Mind can be watched, so watcher is immortal.”


  • “All the time the call of that invaluable will keep tempting you, frustrating you; and all the time the fear of your annihilation will keep making you incapable of paying the price. Caught in between these two opposite demands, man lives his life. That is the story of mankind. And the history and the future.

    The only way to go beyond this, and there is a way, is to see that these are not two different demands. We take it as a game of getting the good versus paying the price. We take these two as separate happenings. These are not separate happenings. This is the same happening.”


  • “One act of total passion can convince you of That which cannot be proven by a lifetime of pursuit.”


  • “Your questions only reflect what you are.

    And till the time you are what you are, how does it make sense to get your questions answered.”


  • “Immortality is not a stretch in time; immortality is a depth in the moment.”


  • “Drop your stupidity.

    Know things for what they Really are.

    And if you want to know things, you will have to know the place where things appear, and that place is the mind, so know the mind.

    Know the mind.

    Having known mind, you have known thought, you have known time, you have known fear, and in knowing all these you have gone beyond all these.”


  • “What is worse:Getting betrayed ten times,or,not being able to trust the eleventh time?”


  • “The mind is very, very angry.
    The mind is ticking like a time bomb, but you are not at all angry.
    Now the mind is angry, so it’s showing up on the face, but then there is a point within you that is not angry.
    Just a small point and that is the Real you.
    That small point is Real you.
    Everything else is mind.”


  • “The world is the world of action. Everything is moving here. Action means movement, time. The world is the seat of action. To live well in the world, you must be very-very inactive within.”


  • “The more time you spend with the scriptures or with the Teacher, the easier it will be for you to demolish the influence, that the world has built-up upon you.”


  • “Faith is to retain faith even after your trust is breached a hundred times.
    Faith is a nameless trust bigger than trust on anything, anybody.”


  • “That state of mind which remains untouched by all the movements in time and space is unconditional, and that alone is Love.”


  • “The new, the happiness that you are looking for, will not come through experience, will not come through time; it comes when you are a little less insistent upon cheating yourself.”


  • “‘Was’, ‘is’ and ‘will be’ indicates a belief in time. So even though you are talking of Truth, yet you are maintaining your belief in time. No realized man will talk of Truth in these terms. And if he does, it would only be for the consumption of a particular set of people, who would otherwise not understand.”


  • “Even after hundreds of years and hundreds of births, time alone never bring anybody to the timelessness. They are different dimensions. One can keep roaming on this floor for centuries, that would not make him fly; the Sky is a different dimension. You will never come to your destiny. When you drop all thoughts of coming and going and becoming then you are what you are, and you have reached your destiny. Your destiny has been revealed to you, that is a better way of saying.

    What is our destiny?
    The Non-dual Silence is our destiny. That is what we really are.”


  • “Attachment is the action of the time and space.”


  • “Hurt and attachment are one and the same. One is seen in the beginning, the other is seen in the end, so you feel that they are different. Are the bud and the flower really different entities? Just because there is intervention of time, so you feel that they are different.
    Where there is hurt, there is attachment.”


  • “When Hafiz says, “Wonderful future”, he means That which time leads to, and That is timelessness.”


  • “Time continues because it does not know what is searching for. Once it knows what it is searching, the very knowing dissolves time.”


  • “Just because one does not take time in coming up with a response, it does not mean that the response has the quality of spontaneity.”


  • “Time is an important determinant but not the only one.”


  • “What we are is not even permanent.
    It is timeless. It is beyond time.”


  • “Your destiny is so close to you that it doesn’t wait for time. Peace is your destiny.

    You will never reach.”


  • “No right time ever comes because the right time is right now.

    This is the only right time.”


  • “The world is all the time reminding you, that you are inferior. And you never question the world.

    You are so alright with your own sense of inferiority, that you would never question somebody when he is calling you ‘inferior’. But when there is a reminding process going on, that you are not inferior, you kind of feel a little awkward.”


  • “Past You took years to become what you have become. You will take at-least months to unbecome what you have become.”


  • “See where somebody spending his time. These are the two things that you very greatly valued. Don’t you? Money, time and if you can be little more observant, see what is going on in your mind. See, what circulates in your mind that will tell you of your intention.”


  • “Time, as human beings have it, has only one proper function – to take you into the timeless. If time is able to take you into the timeless, then time is properly spent. Then you can say that you have lived a nice life; your life has not gone wasted. But if time has had everything related to time about it, and not the touch of timeless, then your time has been just… Wasted.

It’s not only about a lifetime. It is about every interval of time.

So, This day, today’s day, whether or not it has been of any avail, can be known only by one parameter- Has this day had a touch of timeless?”


  • “Yoga, is to have a self that is independent of place and time. Yoga, is to be firmly rooted at a point that is untouched by anything that can touch anything.”


  • “And the moment you are busy with time, you are again moving towards death.”


  • “Prakriti is time. Time will continue, so sex will continue. As long as this body is there, sex will be there.”


  • “Immortality is not about living great lengths of time. The only immortality possible is in the present. If you are fully present, fully present – that is immortality. And in that immortality, you are free to die and free to take a thousand births. To reach and live as, and live by your central, peaceful nature is immortality. In that peace, nothing bothers you, you are not worried about security. All questions on permanence are questions about one’s longevity, one’s security.”


  • “One need not search for the Truth, one just needs to be honest and see how one has filled up his mind with assumptions about the Truth; the daily facts of living – How one taken the Truth to be this and that; the respect that Truth deserves, how one has compromised that respect to this and that; the love that must be reserved for the Truth, how one has squandered that love over this and that; the eternity that vests only in the Truth, how one has come to expect that eternity from a man or a woman, or from fame. Do you see how one uses fame as a substitute for timelessness?”


  • “No right time ever comes because right time is right now. Those who keep saying that the right time will come are just deceiving themselves. Right time is right now. That is the only right time.”


  • “Time is what you are, you are gone, time too is gone.”


  • “The now-ness is not changing, Whenever you are, you are in the now. Right now, or one year later, that now will not go away. Moments will come and go, now will not go away. So, Now, in that sense is a constant reality. Are you ever at any time except the NOW? It’s not a question of this moment, Even one year later, you would be in the now.”


  • “Attachment is something very very dead. It is just a dead coincidence how and where you spent your time in the past. Out of that dead coincidence arises the dead attachment, and out of this dead attachment arises the dead expectation. Now, when the expectation is something so mechanical, so dead, is it wise on our part to run after expectations? Spending time is a coincidence. Right? It’s totally incidental, you didn’t decide.”


  • “Wherever you spend your time, you will be attached to that.”


  • “You have spoken in a particular accent for a long time, you will become attached to that accent. You have lived in a particular country for a long time, you will become attached to that country. Brain is time, and in time it searches for its identity through the process of attachment. That is attachment.”


  • “Every bit of the brain is conditioned. In that sense, there is nothing in it that you can really call your own. Every bit, every single cell over here is a preprogrammed cell. And all that programming has not been done by you, and the programming is taking place continuously. It’s an ongoing process. It is taking place now at this moment. It has been happening for a very very long time and it is happening even now.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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