• I am not spiritual.
    I am a destroyer of all spirituality.
    I am the spirit.


  • “Only Truth can know the Truth.”


  • “Looking attentively at the world, one enters the Truth beyond world.”


  • “Those who don’t have God, they don’t even miss God. Missing is a privilege. A saint sings songs of missing him, a common man doesn’t. The common man doesn’t miss God at all. The common man is happy and occupied in his worldly truth-less, godless life.”


  • “If you fail to comprehend me, turn inwards. To understand the Truth, you require a Mind full of Intelligence or a Heart full of Love.”


  • “ Truth is that which IS and Truth is also that which IS NOT.”


  • “ To know the false as false, is the movement into the Truth.”


  • “Truth does not know you. How can the Truth listen to you? Truth can listen only to Itself through you. Silence! Let Truth talk and listen.”


  • “Facts are material; facts are dualistic; facts are supplied to you by your senses. Facts might take you to the door of the Truth but, facts by themselves are not the Truth. ‘Now’ is not the present, and facts are not the Truth. To say that facts are the truth and ‘now’ is the present, is to say that material is the final reality; and if material is the ultimate Truth, then there can be no Love, Freedom or Joy because none of these are material. There can be no Love in facts. There can be no Freedom in facts.”


  • “For science that which cannot be detected, does not exist. If something can just not be detected, absolutely undetectable it is, then science will say, “It does not exist”. Spirituality says, “My instruments for detection are very limited. I detect using my senses and my intellect which are quite limited. Something that cannot be thus detected may also exist; in fact it may be more real than what the senses announce as real.” Spirituality thus lacks the arrogance of science.Science says if my eyes can see, look at it, only then it exist. Spirituality says but first of all am I sure that my eyes are an instrument capable enough to tell me the truth? Spirituality is an honest, brutally honest search for the truth. And kindly do not think that it precludes science. To go beyond something is not the same as rejecting it. Spirituality is deeply scientific and so very scientific that it transcends science. You could even say that it is more scientific than science.Science stops at one particular superstition. What is the fundamental superstition of science? – That my eyes will tell me the truth. And my intellect can tell me the Truth. That is the fundamental superstition of science. Spirituality does not accept even that superstition. Spirituality says, “No! What the mind says is just that, the words of the mind. I want to look at the mind itself”. And that looking at the mind cannot happen while remaining in the province of mind. Hence, there has to be something beyond the mind.”


  • “The simple, continuous, ubiquitous call of Truth is easy to miss”


  • “The Real cannot be experienced”


  • “The Teacher is the voice of Truth, not the man behind the voice”


  • “Don’t chase the Truth. Just stop running away from the Truth.”


  • “Truth cannot be seen from behind the veils.”


  • “Observe your own life, and you will know the Truth.”


  • “One knows the Truth not by knowing the Truth, but by being the Truth.”


  • “The fake lover pulls the loved one closer to himself and get only grief. The real lover brings the lover closer to Truth, and gets both Truth and Love.”


  • “Will you ever like the Truth?”


  • “Anybody who just pays attention sees the Truth.”


  • “Spirituality – Truth above self.”


  • “Don’t chase the Truth, just stop running away from it.”


  • “Only Truth is present, only in the Present is Truth.”


  • “Freedom is for the free. Truth is for the truthful.”


  • “Absolute is Truth,and absolute are its ways. No compromises,no negotiations,no in-betweens,no opinions. Absolute silence, absolute radiance.”


  • “Facts for the mind and Faith for the heart. Facts in the dualistic world and Faith in the non-dual Truth. Facts and Faith- the complete one.”


  • “Truth- Neither one, nor many.”


  • “Drop your concept of the ultimate. Accept what you get with humility. Where there is Truth, there is no concept.”


  • “What is Love? That which makes you go crazy. What is wisdom? Allowing yourself to go crazy. What is Truth? You will know. Just go crazy.”


  • “Religion is Truth. The false must die. The false will resist. If Religion is Truth, it cannot avoid war.””


  • “For Innocence,look into the eyes of animals. For Truth,listen to the birds. For Reality,touch some sand. For repulsion,look at a man’ face.”


  • “Truth is the source of fact and imagination.”


  • “Do not ask the way to Truth. Truth itself is the way. All ways come from Truth and are in Truth. Care not about the way, just walk Truly.”


  • “Truth is many, but there are not many Truths.”


  • “The False is more True than the truth.”


  • “What is the central mistake that is giving rise to all kinds of suffering? It has to be a very deep-rooted assumption taken as truth.”


  • “Be cautious of facts. An imagination, when shared by many minds, becomes a fact. Fact is a shared illusion. Do not confuse fact with Truth.”


  • “When I don’t lurk around probing, Nor stalk in salacious achieving, It’s just Joy experiencing its Joy, Truth in its own innocence shining.”


  • “I cannot ask a question without already having an idea of the answer. No answer can hence lead to the Truth. Except the one that hurts my ideas.”


  • “Set your eyes on the Truth and just play. If you meet defeat, all it means is that you are yet distant from Truth. Truth alone is victorious.”


  • “Anybody who writes a 600 page book on Truth deserves not to be read for the same reason.”


  • “It is not paradoxical, it can’t be Truth. Its opposite is not equally true, it can’t be Truth. It doesn’t perplex the mind, it can’t be Truth.”


  • “Entertainment is to enjoyment what happiness is to joy, what attachment is to love, what knowledge is to awareness, what fact is to truth.”


  • “On close investigation, even the most final truths show up as tentative concepts. On coming close, all vanishes. Only closeness remains.”


  • “Truth and love are same. The expression is different. Truth will call the false as false, Love will see the True in the false.”


  • “To be in Truth is to see the false as false. To be in Love is to see the True in the false.”


  • “Bad news for lovers of democracy and consensus: Truth is the biggest dictator. Truth has no regard for masses; their opinions and feelings.”


  • “Truth must contradict itself. If it is not paradoxical, it cannot be the Truth. If it appears to be consistent, it cannot be the Truth.”


  • “God is not the Truth. God is a technique. Its the Godly Ego’s Intelligence and Humility to say, ‘I am not God. I am just a servant of God’.”


  • “Whatever I speak will always, inevitably, be a lie. Let my lie come from the Truth so that the lie may take the listener towards the Truth.”


  • “When Truth knocks on the door,the foundations of your feeble house start trembling. Now welcome the Truth, or save your house.”


  • “I avoid aloneness. When faced with boredom or fear, I escape to gossip or entertainment. If Truth threatens me, surely I am living in lies.”


  • “Truth shines even in its absence.”


  • “Truth is not for those who sell their Freedom.”


  • “To know a Buddha, you must be somewhat like a Buddha. A ‘normal’ man has only beliefs about joy, freedom, love. Borrowed images taken as truth.”


  • “Truth cannot be contained in thought.”


  • “Rejection of ignorance is dangerous if it implies a belief in knowledge as the Truth. Ignorance is only as false as knowledge, and no more.”


  • “When you are in Truth, then lies become a great fun.”


  • “The intelligent man realizes that all his words, beliefs, his entire world is a lie. Only idiots keep a pious, bigoted belief in their truth.”


  • “If time can change it, it is not the Truth.”


  • “One of the Vedantic names for Truth is ‘Aniket’- one who has no home. Home is fear, security, confinement. Kabir: ‘मैं मेरा घर जालिया’.(I burnt my home)”


  • “A truth is a truth only after it is My Truth.”


  • “If it is not simple, it is not the Truth. If it is not self-evident, it is not the Truth.”


  • “To know, I don’t need to close my eyes in negation; I need to open my eyes in intelligence. The world itself is Truth. Falseness is in my eye.”


  • “There is nothing but the material. When the material is material, it is transcendental.”
  • “You are devoted to the Truth, now don’t worry.

    You can go and sit on fire. You will still be secure.

    On the other hand, if you are someone, who has ranged himself against the Truth, who is showing his back to the Truth, then you will keep being barbequed. Your own cleverness will bring you to the flames. You will think that you are going there to harm somebody else, and you will not realise that you are moving towards your own grave.”


  • “Your wishes are not granted so that you may be granted your destiny.Your destiny is realization; your destiny is Truth.”


  • “The false is truer than the Truth.”


  • “You clutch at the Truth, and all that you will get is the clutch.”


  • “You will only choose that which is conventional; which is a circulation. You will choose one of these masters that have become popular these days.

    The Truth will come to you not as a choice; sometimes as a compulsion, sometimes as a coincidence.”


  • “When the false has become a habit, then the Truth will never be a choice.

    Never a choice!”


  • “When the dropping is happening, then that which is enabling the dropping and that which remains after dropping, is the Truth.”


  • “That which makes you reject the prison is the Truth, in spite of all the safety and comfort that the prison may seem to offer.”


  • “Joy is the mind’s closeness to the Truth. Joy cannot be evil.”


  • “The more your love opens up, the more difficult it will be for you to then let the Truth go.”


  • “The Liberated One is the one who follows no orders, who has stopped following orders; orders of others, as well as his own orders. His orders now come from somewhere else. And since His orders come from somewhere else, they are so incomprehensible to others. To others, the divine dance looks like chaos, like utter disorder. And that is why, if you are someone who bothers too much about others and society, and validation and sanction from here and there, then Truth is not for you. Because Truth is not something public, it is not a social commodity. It neither gets nor seeks general approval.

    If you are really committed to Truth, you cannot be committed to anything else. If you are really devoted to the One, then you cannot bother about ‘this and that’; it’s also petty then.

    So, the Intelligent One, the really intelligent one, lives like a mad one; He lives so much like an animal. But, we are also being cautioned that it doesn’t mean that everybody who lives madly is an intelligent one.”


  • “Real enquiry is not about asking questions or seeking answers or striving for the Truth.

    Real enquiry is in Silence.

    Real enquiry is about just listening.”


  • “When the Truth is prepared to climb down to the false, then the false becomes prepared to climb up to the Truth.”


  • “Love is what ego has for the Truth. Compassion is what Truth has for the ego.”


  • “When the false has become a habit, then the Truth would never be a choice.”


  • “We all have only one destiny and that destiny is Truth.”


  • “When you know that now you cannot bow down to the false, then you have surrendered to the Truth.

    And only when you have surrendered to the Truth, you will get the courage to not to prostrate in front of the false.”


  • “Spirituality is Surrender.

    But before surrender, it is rebellion.

    Rebel against all that which is false. Rebel against all that which is material but claims to be spiritual.

    When you have rebelled against the false, that is surrender to the Truth.”


  • “The only relationship that one can hence truthfully have is the direct relationship with God.

    Any other relationship would be tangential, wavered.”


  • “Marry God – that is the only right relationship.Be wedded to God.Be fully committed to the Truth.”


  • “When you are free of everything; when you are free of the world, free of yourself – you are wedded to Freedom.

    And to be wedded to Freedom is to have God as your spouse.

    God is the only rightful partner.

    Peace is the only lover.

    Truth is the only attraction.

    Nobody wants anything else; nobody has ever wanted anything else.”


  • “The Upanishads come from nowhere, meaning what the Upanishads are saying is just obvious, is just so simple. So what to say from where they come? They are like the palm of your hand. It is simpler to know an Upanishad than to know your thumb, your nails, the back of your hand.

    If you are sitting in front of me and somebody asks me, “How exactly did you learn about her?” I will have no answer because I did nothing to learn about her. What did I do? I just saw. So, how can I tell you how did I learn about her? Simply, how can the Rishi tell you anything about the source of his utterances? He did nothing to know all that. He did absolutely nothing to know all that. He just saw that as True.

    Normal seeing is facts. A little more dedicated seeing is Truth. But it is all just seeing, not trying, not getting, not comprehending, not thinking, not analysing; but just seeing that which is anyways obvious.”


  • “You are not obliged to act decent. You are not obliged to conform any standards. It’s not complicated, it’s the heartbeat.

    Listen to it there!

    In pursuit of Truth, do not forget Beauty!

    Truth and Beauty are One.

    If your pursuit of Truth is not a beautiful pursuit, then it is not the Truth.”


  • “The Mystic has no religion, his religion is Truth.”


  • “Truth is not merciful in the sense that it will help you maintain your false and ugly world.”


  • “Equality is a virtue in your moral world.In His world, only Truth is the virtue.”


  • “Please get this image off your mind – “the pleasant Truth”.Truth cannot be pleasant to that which we are.Truth can be pleasant only to the Truth.Only the Truthful can love the Truth.Truth falls in love only with Itself.”


  • “When somebody who is attached to you via the body, sees, that the command of the body is no more being followed by you and by the other person, then all of a sudden he realizes the tremendous power of Truth. He sees — that there might be an entire past of many decades connecting me to this person yet when the Truth shines then past has no meaning.

    Your relationship might be of sixty years, but one moment of Truth, one glimpse of Truth obliterates all those sixty years. In the language of morality, this sounds like being disloyal, does it not?  “That one moment of some god-damn realization and you forgot our age-old real relationship! Is this your fidelity? Is this what our relationship means to you? So cheap!” Tell them — “yes”. One moment of Truth is bigger than sixty-years of any relationship or sixty-thousand years.”


  • “L1: Why does the earthly father hate the Real Father?

    AP: Because the Real Father is the Real one. In front of the Real Father, the earthly one stands no chance. He has been saying: “My son, my son, my son,” for so long. And when the Real one comes, whose son? Son, whose son?

    He is the Father of all fathers. In fact, this is a very common observation — the earthly father will hate the Real father; the earthly lover will hate the Real Beloved. Wives are terribly angry when husbands go to Krishna, very angry; just as the spurious one is angry at the Real one.

    In fact, that is one way to test the love of the wife. If the wife spurs you on, supports you when you are moving towards the Truth, then you should know that she loves you, but if you are moving towards the Truth and the wife becomes jealous and possessive, then you should know that she already knows that she is fake and false.”


  • “The false lover tries to bring you to himself, and misses both Truth and Love.

    The Real lover forgets about himself, and tries to take you to the Truth, and he gets both Truth and Love.”


  • “The world of Truth is a strange world. Here, you get so much if you are prepared to drop; here, you gain everything when you surrender.

    When the wife surrenders the husband, she gets a lover.”


  • “If you really love somebody, do not make yourself important for that person.Let the Truth be important.That is the action of Love.”


  • “Only the deluded ones talk of Maya. The ones who are in Truth, they see only Truth.”


  • “It is not even a matter of declaring, it is a matter of living that way. You can declare anything.
    But where is it showing up in your life?
    If you are declaring that the Truth is operating through you, then it has to show up in your every single action.”
  • “The only way you can check Truth is by being in the Truth.”


  • “To declare something as false, first of all, you must be in the Truth.”


  • “The mind cannot travel to the Truth.
    All travelling is in the Truth.
    The bird does not fly to the sky.
    The bird flies in the sky.”


  • “In your search for the Truth,
    see how you continue
    to be in the false.”


  • “The Real lover would say: “Forget me! Do not remember me. Because if you remember me, then you are not remembering the Truth. Forget me so that you may remember the Truth. It is not me who matters, something else matters.”


  • “If the lover has nothing to do with the Truth, your lover can have nothing to do with you either. If your lover could not be devoted to the One, to the Father, are you a fool to think that he or she can be devoted to you? Who are you? What is your worth? The one who has supreme worth, your so called lover, could not be loyal even to Him. How is this fellow going to be loyal to you?”


  • “Of course, using the mind, you cannot really remember the non-dual Truth, because the mind can only remember duality. Since the mind can only remember duality, so try to remember something which is dualistic, but points towards non-duality.”


  • “My only duty, if there can be a duty at all, is being devoted to the Truth. And when you are devoted to the Truth, there is Joy in return, not suffering.
    Your only duty is complete Surrender to the Absolute.”


  • “You have to give away everything to get That which is free.
    Kindly do not ask for very easy solutions, for the simple reason that if there are easy solutions and they come to you, you won’t take them. This comfort is there because you can accept something only when it comes to you with an acceptable level of discomfort.
    Let’s say the whole discomfort is removed, and the thing becomes ridiculously easy, would you take it? Honestly?
    Would you take it if it is ridiculously easy? Served like this.
    You won’t take it. Tomorrow morning when I’ll come to you, to wake you up, I’ll wake you by – take this pill.
    What is this?
    This is the enlightenment pill.
    You’ll say ‘aaargh’ (a sound depicting irritation when someone wakes you up for no cause) and will go back to sleep. You will know I am joking. I might not be joking.
    It is not that the Truth says that you must pass through suffering before I can come to you. It is just that you will not take anything without suffering.”


  • “When the Truth blesses you then the falsenesses start showing up.”


  • “Because when I am confronted with Truth, I simply surrender.
    I have never argued.
    I cannot.”


  • “The fact will reveal the Truth.
    There is no other way, as a human being, to move into the Truth except through the fact.
    Know the fact and you’ll enter the Truth.
    Know the fact of your daily living, know the fact of your relationships, know the fact of your mental states, and you will enter the Truth.”


  • “Science is extremely important so that facts are facts and imagination is imagination, and you keep the two apart.
    Only when you are fully into facts then the door of Truth opens.”


  • “Love is not just an external action. When Truth shines within, Love is its radiation.”


  • “The false desires the Truth in desiring the disappearance of Truth.”


  • “It requires a seer to see, that the Truth is that which powers the eyes to see, but which the eyes themselves cannot see; that the ears are powered by some other source to hear; that the tongue is powered by some other source to speak; and that source is so vast, immense, beyond description, that the tongue cannot mention, or capture that source in words. It powered the tongue to speak, but the tongue cannot speak of it.
    It powers the mind to think, but the mind cannot think of it.
    It requires the humility and wisdom of a Sage to remember this.”


  • To be in love with the Truth is to forget everything else, because the Truth is one and all encompassing. If you have fallen in love with the Truth, how can you remember anything else? Because there is nothing else to remember. To fall in love with Truth, is to fall in love with wholeness. There is nothing else left.”


  • “Ask for that One, ask for nothing else. And if that One is asked for, really asked for, you get it. It is such a magical thing. You keep asking for petty stuff, do you ever get it? You have asked since years, since decades, since centuries for all small and petty things. Have you ever been able to get it? You have asked for the love of man, you have asked for reputation, you have asked for satisfaction, have you ever been able to get it? Love of men have kept you thirsty, reputation has always proved insufficient, and money has never been enough. Now for once, try something else. Leave all those little desires and ask for the Truth itself. Ask for the One. You will say, “Sir, when our little desires are never granted, how this immense desire will be granted?” But I am assuring you, this magic happens.”


  • “The false desires the Truth in desiring the disappearance of Truth.”


  • “In that Real knowing, value is attached only to the Truth, only to the Absolute, and nothing else matters.”


  • “Rejection of the false, and living in the True, are not at all separate happenings. They happen absolutely together. It is just that when you look at it from the side of the false, you see rejection; when you look at it from the side of the Truth, you see positive affirmation and acceptance.”


  • “Words don’t breathe, words don’t love. Keep saying, “Love, Love, Love…,” one thousand times, you will come no closer to loving. Keep parroting, “Truth, Truth, Truth, Truth,” you will still be sitting in your lies.”


  • “Truth is in the quality of your mind.”


  • “‘Was’, ‘is’ and ‘will be’ indicates a belief in time. So even though you are talking of Truth, yet you are maintaining your belief in time. No realized man will talk of Truth in these terms. And if he does, it would only be for the consumption of a particular set of people, who would otherwise not understand.”


  • “Tell me the Truth.
    Tell me the Truth.


  • “Truth naked is Beauty.
    Truth fabricated is ugliness.”


  • “When Krishna says, “As I am in myself, so I am in you, and so I am in the rest of the world,” he obviously means that the body does not mean anything. And then how can parents matter, when the body does not mean anything?
    Do you see the inconsistency, how in the same breath we talk of being truthful towards parents and then we quote the Gita? How can somebody quote the Gita and still assign virtuosity to the family structure?
    Krishna is all the time saying, “The family does not matter,” and the family is the supporting pillar of your morality. To be with Krishna, is to be totally beyond morality. Krishna does not at all bother about the family. In fact, he is getting Arjun to slaughter his family.”


  • “With your thousand other priorities, the Truth will continue to elude you.”


  • “Truth is the only authority and if the Truth decides that it will be manifested in the form of a person, then the authority of the Truth is vested in that person, not unconditionally. Only to the point when that person sheds all his personality, and acts purely as a vehicle for the Truth, only to the point. Only till that point. Beyond that point, No.”
  • “The Guru has no unconditional authority. The authority of the Guru flows from the Guru’s proximity to the Truth. And the day, the ‘person’ of the Guru, loses that proximity with the Truth – it may happen, strange things may happen on this earth. It may happen that the ‘person’ of the Guru does lose proximity to the Truth – that day he loses all his authority.
    Because ‘authority’ does not belong to your eyes, to your shirt, to your hair, it belongs to your Heart. And the day you yourself have lost touch with your Heart, losing touch with your Heart you have also lost touch with your authority. Now you have no authority.”


  • “Everything is verified by its opposite.
    Truth is verified by Itself.”


  • “True religion is a bit of a rebellion. It is every bit a rebellion, because true religion means getting rid of all the certainties in mind. True religion means, getting rid of what you usually consider precious and important. True religion means, nothing will stay in this mind except the very Truth. Everything else will be examined, seen in its totality, and hence rejected in the favour of Truth. Nothing will remain here, except the one, single, clean Truth.”


  • “We don’t want to look at the facts. We keep pushing them at the back. Let them come in front. Go close to them and inquire. Facts will open the gate to Truth.”


  • “Let there be a freshness and innocence in your youth. And if you are fresh and innocent, and if you surrender only to the Truth, the world will extract its pound of flesh.

    Be prepared to pay the price.
    No price is too heavy for reclaiming your youth.
    Pay the price.
    Take boldly on your chest all the wounds that this world can inflict upon you.
    Have the guts!

    Let them wound you; let them become your enemies. Let them gang up against you.

    Why must you become a servile cow?


  • “Which place is a temple?

    That which reminds you of the Truth. Any place that reminds you of the Truth, is a temple.”


  • “Set your eyes on Truth and just play.If you meet defeat, all it means is that you are yet distant from the Truth.Truth alone is victorious.”


  • “Whatever comes to an end, comes to an end, only because it is false; otherwise, it cannot come to an end.

    Whosoever has ever been defeated, has been defeated, only because he was false; otherwise, he cannot be defeated.

    Truth alone wins.

    And more importantly, the false alone loses.”

  • “The fool says, “Truth does not exist,” and he never, hence, knows the Truth.

    The wise man says, “Nothing but the Truth exists,” and he sees nothing but the Truth!”


  • “Realize that you are already in the Kingdom of Truth and then play the game of longing like an Avatar does.”


  • “When you have forgotten all about the Truth, then you are in the Truth.
    When you have forgotten all about Silence, then you are silent.
    When even the word ‘peace’, when even the memory of peace does not occur to you, then you are truly peaceful.
    Everything else is just an image.”


  • “All these things that we keep ourselves occupied with are just our own conspiracy against opening our eyes. Nobody ever got busy with anything except the false. You need not ask yourselves what you are busy with.What is certain is, if you are busy, you are busy with the false. The Truth never makes anybody busy, it is only the false that occupies you. It is only the false that gives you reasons.Truth is unreasonable.”


  • “The Teacher does not speak to confuse you. He has no interest in throwing riddles around. He wants to help you. So he has said something. His words are like the Truth – direct, obvious and simple. But to a complicated mind, the obvious and the simple makes no sense. To a complicated mind, the obvious and the simple becomes a great puzzle.”


  • “The false desires the Truth in desiring the disappearance of Truth.”


  • “Separation from the Truth manifests as cunningness or ignorance.

    Ignorance is to be lost in ideas; cunningness is to label ‘ideas’ as Truth.”


  • “Whenever the mind will experience Truth, the experience will end up fading away.”


  • “If you have a stake in the past, then you do not have a stake in Truth.
    It is because of this disloyalty that we suffer.”


  • “To be in Love is to be attracted only to the Truth”.


  • “Seeing the falseness of false love is being in Love with the Truth.”


  • “Understanding is the dissolution of all things.
    Understanding itself is the Truth.
    Understanding means pure emptiness. Now there is nothing in it.”


  • “God, Love, Truth – they are not experiences.
    They are freedom from experiences.”


  • “Guru is the name of the great game where there is neither victory nor defeat.
    The great game is in the Truth and is played by the Truth.”


  • “Don’t be afraid of patterns.
    Be with the Truth.
    And when you are not afraid of the patterns, you can then play with them.”


  • “Except the Truth all is predictable.
    Hence, if things are predictable then there has to be an element of falseness to them.”


  • “When Truth is your only priority then you do not get bothered by this stupid machine called mind.”


  • “Whenever you are asking about a cause, ask the cause of the false.
    Never ask the cause of the Truth.

 Truth is it’s own cause.”


  • “Enquiry means a deep burning need for the Truth.”


  • “Love is the attraction of the ego to the Truth.”


  • “God, Truth, respond only to the one who is innocent.”


  • “When you look at the facts of life, you are knocking at the gate of Truth.”


  • “You can never know about the Truth. You can only be in the Truth, as the Truth, and be the Truth.”


  • “Truth is not there in any of your thoughts, feelings or realisations. Truth is that in which all thoughts, feelings, and realisations appear and disappear.”


  • “All your truths about the Truth are false.
    All your falsenesses in the Truth are true.”


  • “You can be attentive really only on the Truth.
    To be attentive is to attend only to the Truth, to have only the Truth as your priority.
    Attention is another name for Devotion and Surrender.”


  • “My mind is not arrogant.
    My mind attends to the Truth.
    It is committed not to a particular thing but to the Truth.
    I will be with the Truth at any cost.”


  • “You have two options:1. Remain in the false and search for Truth. Protect your ego and look out for God.
    Be firmly seated in the Truth and enquire about the false.”


  • “Enquire from the Truth, not into the Truth.
    From the Truth, enquire onto all rubbish. Instead, mostly you enquire into the Truth while seated in rubbish.”


  • “Who says that God is perfect and complete?
    He needs humour.
    For that he needs fools like us who must forget the Truth.”


  • “When you prove to the Teacher that you are ready for the Truth, he holds you and put you through punishing tests.

    When you insist to the Teacher that you are not yet ready, he lets you go your own way.

    Blessed is such bondage, and cursed is such freedom.”


  • “If you are in the Truth, then worry neither about what happens through you, nor what happens to you.”


  • “When you are surrendered to That, Truth smiles in your laughter.
    When you are surrendered to That, Joy cries in your tears.

Now laugh, now cry.”


  • “Q: Why is life full of suffering?

    Acharya Prashant: Truth is that which will never make you suffer. Stay with that, be with that.”


  • “That fulfillment which you want, only Truth can give you.”


  • “Truth is for those who are not looking for profit and benefits.”


  • “Samadhi is a total forgetfulness of the moment. Being exactly placed or being appropriately placed is Samadhi.

    When the mind is placed exactly in the Truth, it is Samadhi.”


  • “Just to survive, falseness has to declare that it is the Truth.”


  • “The man who could not belong to God, obviously cannot belong to you either. If your man or woman has no Love for God and Truth, you are an idiot to expect that he or she can have love for you.”


  • “Even in your darkest hour, the Truth glimmers in your Heart.”


  • “Freedom is to be surrendered to the Truth.When you are surrendered to the Truth, then you are free of the world, and also free of yourself.”


  • “Truth is not there to make you happy; It is there for you to dissolve.”


  • “Q: What is the Truth?
    AP: ‘The breeze is so nice.’

    It is so Simple that it hurts and humiliates.

    You want a complicated answer so that you can remain with the complication.”


  • “When it comes to the world, do not believe any good news.


    When it comes to the Truth, do not believe any bad news.



  • “Love is not just an external action.When Truth shines within, Love is its radiation.”


  • “With your thousand other priorities, the Truth will continue to elude you.”


  • “Love yourself enough to say that you deserve the ultimate Truth.”


  • “To realize consciousness is to start moving into Truth. To be going towards that from where all subjectivity and objectivity arises is to go towards the Truth.”


  • “Imagination is no crime. The crime is when you think of imagination as the Truth.So imagine, but remember that you are imagining.”


  • “Let your mind be drawn towards God, Truth.”


  • “Give strength to that within you, which is drawn towards God, Truth, and Silence.”  


  • “Where there are opinions, there can be no Truth.” 


  • “Leela is to remember whom you are wedded to. Leela is to not to turn an infidel. Leela is to not to cheat in the only Real relationship that you have. The only adultery is to cheat on God, because that is your only Real relationship. All other relationships can be compromised. But you are disloyal and dishonest, only if you compromise on the Truth. That is the only infidelity.”


  • “I assure you, whosoever has ever wanted, has not been turned back.And the day, the moment you will want IT, you will get IT.Nothing can stand in your way.”


  • “The immense lies in the smallest, and that’s where we all lose it.”


  • “No Disease is big; only That is big.”


  • “Treat all inessentials as one, and forget.Treat all Essential as One, and forget.”


  • “Those who want IT, will get IT.
    If you are not getting IT, the only reason is, you do not want IT.”


  • “Ask not for the petty, but for infinity, and see, how easily available it is.

    You ask it and you get it.
    In fact, you get it before you ask for it, otherwise, you cannot ask for it.

    How will you ask for infinity without being infinity itself?”


  • “Rejection of the false and living in the True are inseparable and concurrent.”


  • “Only by seeing the falseness of otherness, you are able to help the other.”


  • “This that is, is a proof of That which is beyond this.”


  • “After dropping all, you’re left with nothing. Now drop the nothing as well.
    From Him comes all illusion, and from Him comes redemption.”


  • “The word Turiya means fourth, but it is not fourth in the same sense that these three are – one, two and three. It is fourth, but it is the foundation of these three, so when one is present, four is present; when two is present, four is present; when three is present, four is present. Even when one, two and three all are absent, fourth is still present; so you may physically die, yet Turiya doesn’t die.”


  • “The Truth, by definition, is the one that has no end, no substitute, no parallel.”


  • “If the student tries to emulate that One, he is trying to create an alternate, a duplicate Truth. And that is sacrilege. That cannot be tolerated.”


  • “The Truth can neither be remembered nor be forgotten. It is beyond the mind. So do not try to have anything to do with the Truth. Let Truth do whatever it wants to do with you. You do not lay your hands on the Truth, because you cannot.”


  • “If you are not committed to the truth then thought is a perpetual wanderer. A wanderer without center. It will go to all the doors possible and keep knocking there. It will conceive all the possibilities that it has been trained to conceive, and keep considering them. You will find no stability there, you will find no rest there. There is no certainty in thought, how can you have stable relationships there?”


  • “When the ego remains with the Truth, then the mind, which is nothing but the environment of the ego, remains alright.”


  • “The personality of the teacher is just a temporary method. Don’t confuse the personality with the teacher. The teacher really is the Truth absolute; nothing else.”


  • “The Truth, the divine is not some complicated puzzle.”


  • “Turiya is Atman itself, Truth itself, Shiva himself.”


  • “Truth accepts no fragmentation. Truth accepts no division of this kind.”


  • ” It is not as if tendencies evaporate when you come close to the Truth. They don’t evaporate, they just get purified.”


  • “Truth is the most available and the most immediate. If you cannot respect Truth because it is available and immediate, then you cannot respect your friend or your wife either.”


  • “Keep your primary relationship strong and all other relationships will be alright. Your primary relationship is with Truth.”


  • “The Atman, the Truth, is not affected by objects and experiences. All of them are happening within the Atman.”


  • “Truth is the greatest purifier.”


  • “If you can think about it, if you speak about it, it is not the Truth.”


  • “Staying with anything is to reach its root. And the root of everything is the Truth. If you would stay with anything, you would reach the Truth.”


  • “When we refer to the Truth as beyond, it does not mean that the Truth is beyond us. It only means that the Truth is beyond our clever mechanisms.”


  • “That, in the world, which takes you to the Truth, is worth loving, is worth maintaining a relationship with and that in the world, that takes you away from the Truth, is something that you must immediately put away.”


  • “That person, who takes your mind to Truth, is worth loving. The person who takes your mind to Truth is the only one who deserves to be loved.”


  • “If you do not remember the Truth in the middle of your work, then not only are you a very poor seeker, you are an equally poor worker.”


  • “You are desperately looking for love but you are looking for a particular kind of love. A kind that satisfies your ideals. So when love comes to you and it keeps coming to you; when truth comes to you and it has a way of raining upon you; you keep rejecting it precisely because you want it so much.”


  • “Truth, you expect to be silent, kind, gentle; Truth can come to you in any form. The formless, free to take an infinite number of forms. And when the truth comes to you in an appropriate form, you run away from it, you run away from it looking for the Truth. What am I doing? Running away from Truth. Why I am running away from the Truth? Because I am looking for the truth. We can even call that as some kind of cuteness or if we want to be blunt, we call it stupidity.”


  • “The Mind simply does not keep attached to anything without the intention to escape the reality. All obsessions, all addictions are just methods to escape the Truth.”


  • “Rejection of the false and coming of the true are one and the same thing.”


  • “All is Truth. Nothing needs to eradicate. All needs to be just aligned. And there is a great difference b/w eradication and alignment.The ego needs to be aligned with its source. The ego needs to be a servant or a lover of its master, the source. It doesn’t needs to be killed. The ego is all right. Likes and dislikes are all right. The body and the mind are all right. This feeling of being all right is the alignment. This thing that it is all right is not a statement, is a great silence. The moment it arises, “It is all right.” That is a situation of alignment, a oneness, a coherence, a harmony.”


  • “There can be nothing called the journey towards Truth. All journeys will take you away from the Truth. Truth is the cessation of the journey, not a continuation. Nothing in the world will take you to God – no city, no river, no practice, no knowledge, no effort.”


  • “Living true to yourself is your only responsibility. Living in tune with peace is your only responsibility. Remain committed and surrendered to the Truth is your only responsibility. You are not obliged towards anything or anybody else. You are not answerable, accountable to anything, anybody else.”


  • “The Truth is unconditional. It does not demand any understanding from you.”


  • “The fact can be worded. The fact that now you know that fact, is the truth. It cannot be worded. That, which powers you, to come in touch with the fact, is the truth. That power is not a fact. But it powers all facts.”


  • “‘Love’ is the effect of Truth, upon the mind. ‘Love’ is the pull of the source, on the ego. And ‘night’ is the ambiance that is created, baked, assumed and then experienced when there is separation from the light of the Truth.”


  • “The very effort of the mind to reach the Truth, is what keeps the mind away from the Truth.”


  • “If you are talking of anything except the Truth, then you are a fool, fooling yourself.”


  • “Till you really start seeing, don’t trust your eyes, they deceive you. Till you really start listening, don’t trust your ears, they are cheating you.”


  • “What is bhakti? Bhakti is devotion only to the Truth, only to the Truth am I devoted, and to nothing else.”


  • “What is Maya? Search for the Truth.”


  • “Truth is neither inside nor outside, ‘it is the basis of all insides and outsides’. ‘It is the substratum on which that mind rests which thinks of all insides and outsides’.”


  • “The great game is ‘of the Truth’, ‘in the Truth’ and is nothing but the Truth. And hence in this great game, the Truth keeps showing up in all possible ways; nothing else but the Truth shows up.”


  • “To know the Guru, is to know the Truth. To know the Guru, is no different than knowing the Atman, the Brahma absolutely.”


  • “The realization that the false has no recourse but to submit to the Truth, is the Guru. The realization that even the false is Truth, is the Guru.”


  • “To reach the Truth one must begin by having faith that one is already there.”


  • “Practice works when you want to acquire a skill. If you want to be a good swimmer, practice. If you want to perfect a dish, a recipe; practice. But Truth doesn’t come to you through practice. You can’t be a practitioner of Truth.”


  • “In the domain of Truth, anything that requires your action will always be a barrier. Even if it is your love, even if it is your deep desire for liberation, if it is yours then it is a barrier itself; a Problem.”


  • “Darkness when seen remains darkness no more. Because, if it is truly dark, how you would have seen?”


  • “His commitment is towards the Truth and he takes you towards the Truth.”


  • “The true lover will want you to be totally free of everything including himself.”


  • “When you are seated in the Truth, then you can call a fact a fact. I repeat this, when you are seated in the Truth only then can you live in facts.”


  • “Non-duality means—let thought take a break, because all thought is dualistic. Non-duality means—do not talk about Vishnu at all. In talking about Vishnu, you are creating a Truth outside of yourself.”


  • “When your primary concern is always the Truth then you are called a loving mind.”


  • “Connecting to the Truth, or appreciating the Truth, are not possible.”


  • “Only Truth reaches Truth.”


  • “God, Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth – they are not experiences, they are freedom from experiences.”


  • “It is the mental state that is being reflected in the language, alright? So, it is not as if language is totally inconsequential. In matters of Truth language is totally inconsequential; in matters of mind, language reveals. It tells what your mind stuff is. It tells what you have been dealing in. It also tells what your bondages are. So, do not dismiss the whole matter as just linguistic, it tells of the chains here. It is a very nice and fine and sophisticated thing to say that language means nothing. But language means nothing only to the one who has moved into Silence.”


  • “Spirituality is not about gradual changes. It is not an incremental improvement, it is total dissolution, which means a disappearance of the false center, and a movement into the truth.”


  • “In either case you’ll suffer, whether you chase pleasure or whether you seek Truth. Choice is yours, which suffering do you prefer. If you chase pleasure you’ll suffer and if you seek Truth then too you’ll suffer. But in these two types of suffering there will be a qualitative difference. Which one do you want? Suffer you would, that is inexorable. Now which kind of suffering do you want?”


  • “One day I tried lodging a formal complaint, “Why don’t Truth come along with pleasure?” He said, “I am so big and pleasure is so small then how can I come riding pleasure.” I said, “Alright! why can’t pleasure comes riding you?” He said, “I am an absolute solvent, when pleasure comes riding me he gets dissolved in me.” So, Truth and pleasure do not go together.”


  • “Truth by definition is that which never fails you. You can be absolutely certain and dependent. The scriptures called that- ‘Nityata’. It is not dependent on time. So, be with that. The seer of both the subject and the object, the witness of not only the fire, the tree, the pillar but of the mind as well that is perceiving the fire, the tree and the pillar.”


  • “Truth is that which will never make you suffer, which will never let you down. Stay only with that, depend only on that. Do not place your confidence in anything or anybody else, and least of all in yourself. If you want to trust- trust your neighbor, but never trust yourself. Best is to not to place your trust in anything except the Truth. That does not mean that you distrust everybody. But only means that you leave yourself to the Truth and then from there if the command is to trust then trust, if the command is to not to trust then you leave things.”


  • “That which you really are and that which you really want and that which is the Truth, is not in front of the eyes but behind the eyes. It is that which powers the eyes to look at something in front of them. So, that which is in front of you is Truth but a projected Truth, an image of Truth. You need not discard it but you also must be careful against thinking of it as the Truth. It is powered by Truth, it is projected by the Truth, it is a game of Truth but do not ever think that it is the Truth.”


  • “Freedom is – to be surrendered to the Truth. When you are surrendered to the truth then you are free of the world and also free of yourself.”


  • “Unless you drop your cleverness you’ll remain a victim of your own cleverness. God, Truth, respond only to the innocent. To the crooked ones they say, “Let your crookedness and your cleverness help you. Let your knowledge help you.””


  • “You are moving towards the new and now there can be no carrying of the old. Either the old will change along with you, or it will prevent you from changing. So you too, will remain a captive of the past and you will keep suffering. Nobody suffers more than somebody who is in this position. The Truth is calling; yet you are not prepared to give up the past—and the past is not coming along with you to the Truth. Now you are suffering. And, one suffers very badly in this situation.”


  • “Observe animals, that will give you freedom from all that which is animal within you. And observe society, that will give you freedom from all that which is social within you. But even as you observe them, observe them from the point of Truth — that is the most important.”


  • “Even if it is a show of warmth, friendliness and compassion, but if it is coming from the wrong center – then even the person who is displaying that warmth, knows very well where it is coming from. There can be no leniency on this account. If one is talking rubbish, he ‘knows’ that he is talking rubbish. Because the Atman can never be deceived. The truth can never be deceived. You are essentially the truth, then how is it possible that you do not know.”


  • “It doesn’t matter what you do with the truth, it doesn’t matter what your concept is, it doesn’t matter what becomes of you, the truth is still absolute. You may kick it, dust it, fry it, tear it, wear it.”


  • “It is the search that needs to be dropped, not the Truth that needs to be attained.”


  • “You can search ‘in the Truth’ but you can never search ‘the Truth’.”


  • “One need not search for the Truth, one just needs to be honest and see how one has filled up his mind with assumptions about the Truth; the daily facts of living – How one taken the Truth to be this and that; the respect that Truth deserves, how one has compromised that respect to this and that; the love that must be reserved for the Truth, how one has squandered that love over this and that; the eternity that vests only in the Truth, how one has come to expect that eternity from a man or a woman, or from fame. Do you see how one uses fame as a substitute for timelessness?”


  • “You can search ‘in the Truth’ but you can never search ‘the Truth’.”


  • “Instead of asking how to live conclusion-lessly it’s far better to see that right now there are just too many conclusions. And those conclusions we never call as are self made, we call them as truths. We never even call them as opinions, we call them as facts. That prevents them from getting challenged; challenged and defeated and dissolved.”


  • “All that is predetermined is that you are the Truth. That is the destiny. What is the definition of destiny? Destiny is that which is unavoidable. Destiny is that to which you necessarily come to. Destiny is that which will be your end. Your end is in your dissolution. Your end is in your surrender. You may think of yourself as anything and keep wandering here and there. But, the wandering itself causes the wanderer so much of suffering that he drops all his fancy ideas about himself. We all have only one destiny and that destiny is Truth, there is no other destiny.”


  • “You are the Truth, hence you are going to meet the Truth. Nobody meets the truth without first being the Truth.”


  • “We all have only one destiny and that destiny is Truth.”


  • “The best way to get Truth and Love.”


  • “To be present is to be staring The Truth in the eye and always be sitting in front of The Truth, in a loving way, in an obedient way. That is the meaning of presence.”


  • “Poor are they, because they have no experience of Joy that lies in the total depths of despair. They do not know the Truth that shines when you are in total darkness.”


  • “So if you have to choose between two kinds of pains: One that comes from rejecting The Truth and the other that comes from following The Truth. You must know which of these is to be chosen. And remember, as long as you remain the chooser, you will choose only the pain that comes from rejection of The Truth.”


  • “What is the world? The world is Truth expressed as you can see it. The world is just an expression of the Truth, nothing else.”


  • “Enlightenment is not something that you attach to a person, ‘Oh, he is enlightened.’ No. Enlightenment is Truth, the very essence of all. Surrender to the Truth, you are enlightened.”


  • “Love is the attraction of the ego towards the Truth.”


  • “Truth saves you, but not only you. Truth is a general, universal savior. The ones that you want to protect, you will not be able to protect, only truth will protect. Let Truth come. The Truth will take care of you and also the world that you want to protect. Only the Truth can protect that.”


  • “Know everything about your mental condition, but never claim that you know anything about the Truth.”


  • “Hidden tendencies have great power; but power of Truth is greater.”


  • “The scriptures talk of falseness, rather than the Truth.”


  • “The scriptures, mind you, are not Truth. They are a tool.”


  • “Unless you are totally surrendered to the Truth, you cannot be fiercely independent of the world.”


  • “Your only responsibility is towards the Truth.”


  • “You never know the Truth; you dissolve in the Truth.”


  • “Sin is to be attracted to anything other than the Truth.”


  • “Reject that part of your mind that is attracted to anything other than the Truth.”


  • “When you are bothered only with the Truth, then there is no conflict.”


  • “To know a pattern as pattern is to know a pattern as Truth.”


  • “To know the false as false, is to know the false as Truth.”


  • “To know a pattern as pattern is to know the pattern as Truth and hence to be free from pattern, because Truth is freedom.”


  • “Don’t be afraid of patterns. Be with the Truth; you will not be afraid.”


  • “Only when you can rebel against the existing religion then you can be assured that God is powering you. Because without the support of that One reality, that one Truth, how will you have the courage to stand against the false?”


  • “So, feel free, totally free, don’t have that fear that you must follow the conventional. Religion is not at all about going in a particular line, going down the beaten track, not at all. Religion is extremely dynamic, religion is more modern than modern. Religion does not consist of rituals. Religion means, ‘I will live my life with Honesty and Truth.’ And are Honesty and Truth outdated things? Are Honesty and Truth something that belongs to the seventh or first centuries? They don’t! Is love something that you would take as primordial? And without religion what love are you talking about? So, religion is cool; religion is young; religion is vigour. But not the religion that is touted, not the religion that is being publicised.”


  • “Even in your darkest hour, the Truth shines in your heart.”


  • “There is no spiritual knowledge bigger than your direct observation. No master can give you more exoteric knowledge than the innocent honesty of your sight. When you are just simply looking, even the Truth cannot hide from you; even the Truth would be helpless in front of you.”


  • “And when you are searching for the truth it is impossible that you’ll find it. When you are not looking for it, then it is all yours. When you are looking for it, then just ‘looking for’ is yours.”


  • “It is only with the eyes of Truth that you see the false as false.”


  • “It is your trust in Him that has enabled you to not trust anybody else. You now trust so much in Him, that you cannot trust the false. With complete faith in the Truth, you have a total disregard for the False.”


  • “Relationship is not something that is pre-meditated. One is in a relationship every moment. If your central relationship with the Truth is alright, then all your other relationships that are continuously coming and going in the flow of time are automatically alright.”


  • “Coming closer to the Truth you have the whole world against you and you face an insurmountable barrier.”


  • “Body is not telling the Truth; Body is representing the mind.”


  • “A Jesus is not a rarity. Existence is producing them all the time. Truth is not selective or miserly. God does not decide to send a Prophet only once in twenty thousand years. Flowers are there all the time, blossoming. Our problem is that we want the old one.”


  • “Remember that you are a man of Truth only if Truth makes you smile.”


  • “Forget the Truth; look at yourself.”


  • “Truth is an unsaid thing in the heart. You can speak in Truth, you can never speak The Truth.”


  • “Peace and Truth are not objects to be known.”


  • “When you enquire into the Truth, the Truth is what makes you enquire.”


  • “Practice is just attention. If you are attentive, then it is always there. It is not there, only when the mind is elsewhere.”


  • “Whenever you will remember the World, it will invoke a certain feeling, a thought, inside you. It will take you away from Silence. One has to remember the roots. You remember the Truth, the World is taken care of.”


  • “Facts lead to Truth, and you cannot come to facts without the Truth.”


  • “Facts lead to Truth, and you cannot come to facts without the Truth.”


  • “If you love your parents then bring the Truth closer to them. Have the guts. And remember if you have love, then love gives you the courage. Love itself gives you so much courage.”


  • “What is the depth of your love towards your parents? If you don’t love them enough, just go ahead and allow their illusions to persist. If you love them enough, then bring the Truth to them.”


  • “If you really love your parents then you will bring the Truth to them.”


  • “The Truth, when it takes the physical expression, it is called Prakriti.”


  • “Laziness is a dirty trick to defy the Truth.”


  • “Laziness is a dirty trick to defy the Truth. No Laziness is incidental. And the most obvious proof of that is that nobody is always lazy. Had you really been lazy, you would have been lazy even in counting money! But the moment you find a couple of notes missing from your account, all your energy rises to defend yourself and your account. You are lazy as a dirty tactician. You are at war, and laziness is your weapon.”


  • “Life is either a fascination with the Truth, dallying with the Truth, dancing with the Truth, moving towards the Truth, getting hurt by the Truth, getting broken and renewed by the Truth, or it is not life at all.”


  • “Because to allow yourself, to be touched by anything, is to allow yourself to be touched by Truth, by God.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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