• “ When the mind is not divided then there is a special quality about it.”


  • “ All that you can do is, when ‘The Way’ comes to you, don’t block it.”


  • “ Body is memory, body is conditioning. Let the conditioned remain conditioned, but ‘you’ must operate on consciousness. Memory is not a substitute for consciousness.”


  • “ Body as a machine has to be conditioned. But ‘man’ has to be unconditional.”


  • “ How do you know that ‘this good’ is ‘actually good’? All running after ‘being good’ is running towards hell.”


  • “ We should not compete against the idiots nor become a victim of their propaganda.”


  • “Ego will not understand this world, but will demand a Reality beyond.”


  • “Who is a worldly man? The one who does not understand the world.”


  • “Attention is the bridge between thought and understanding.”
  • “If you fail to comprehend me, turn inwards. To understand the Truth, you require a Mind full of Intelligence or a Heart full of Love.”


  • “Beware the man who thinks he understands”


  • “Observation turns into understanding when the distance between you and your object reduces.How does that happen? That happens when the boundary that you have built, the boundary that you call as ‘I’, the boundary that separates you from the object, that comes down.That is the point when you understand.”


  • “Understanding is not about coming to conclusions. Understanding is about being free from the need to have conclusion.”


  • “To understand something, observe without concluding”


  • “Constant remembrance of ‘I am’ takes me beyond what I think I am”


  • “Understanding of sorrow is freedom from sorrow”


  • “Foolishness clutches and memorizes. Intelligence understands and forgets. The fool lives from memory; the intelligent one is forgetful.”


  • “What is attention? The determination of mind to understand. What is meditation? That which begins as attention and ends as understanding.”


  • “You think because you don’t understand. When understanding arises, thinking disappears.”


  • “It requires a highly logical mind to understand the limit of logic.”


  • “Any search for life must begin by going very close to death. To understand death is to understand life. To die once is to come alive forever”


  • “The only way to avoid death is to understand that what one calls as living is not at all alive in the first place.”


  • “Who is the worldly man? The one who is born in the world, lives in the world, and dies in the world, without ever understanding the world.”


  • “Just understand.”


  • “In concluding, you end witnessing, you end alertness. Conclusion is a thought. Witnessing, subtle alertness is thoughtlessness. The ego wants a prescription. It wants to know what to do: this or that. We’ve become so dumb that if someone doesn’t give us a conclusion or opinion then we think that he doesn’t understand.”


  • “Sometimes you agree and sometimes you disagree. But do you ever understand?”


  • “Remaining and retaining what you are, you can never understand a saint.”


  • “You cannot know anything in isolation. Either you know everything or you know nothing. Understanding is not fragmented. Knowledge is fragmented.”


  • “Intelligence understands and forgets. The fool lives from memory; the intelligent one is forgetful.”


  • “In consciousness, there is somebody who is conscious. In understanding, there is nobody who understands. Understanding is impersonal.”


  • “Do not ‘try’ to not to understand.
    Do not ‘try’ to understand.Try not, understand.”


  • “Attention is the urge of the mind to relax into understanding.”


  • “Attention is the bridge between thought and understanding.”


  • “What is attention? The determination of mind to understand. What is meditation? That which begins as attention and ends as understanding.”


  • “Beware the man who thinks he understands.”


  • “Grace is the capacity to realise that all is Grace. Grace, if I realise. Grace, if I do not realise. Grace, whether or not I understand.”


  • “Ego will not understand this world, but will demand a Reality beyond.”


  • “The understanding of a Self or Soul or Atman was given to rid man of his body-identification. And man said: The soul is in my body. Tragedy.”


  • “Understanding is always total.”


  • “The opposite of something lies in the same dimension as the thing. Understanding and dissolution of something is never in the same dimension, as the thing itself.”


  • “The river,the air,the dust,they all understand as much as,and exactly the same as,I do. Just that in my mode of thinking,they look un-alive””


  • “In attention, your old patterns cease to work. Your conditioned grooves are flattened. The filth on your eyes is cleared. It is cleansing of the highest kind. You are dissolved, cleansed of yourself. You are being washed in your own dissolution. That is Aatmsnaan (self-purification). That is why it is said that attention washes away all your sins of the past. Aatmsnaan is attention.The stains of the past actions cease to bother you in understanding.”


  • “Society is an external order- man relating to man on the basis of a pre-established order. There is no love here; society is based on distrust. Or else there couldn’t be rules. Love is intrinsic and supremely dynamic. Social rules are external and largely frozen. Society is afraid of the force of love. The more there is an internal order, the less there will be the need for the external order. The dead structure of society strangulates love. Social order recognises only patterns, but consciousness and intelligence cannot be pattern-based. The inability to respond dynamically to intelligence, the inability to respond as per the level of consciousness, is the biggest failure of any social order. Society has the same rules for the butcher and the Buddha – one size fits all. It has no eye for understanding, for consciousness, for love.”


  • “A Jesus doesn’t want followers, he wants more Jesus. So he speaks. Followers do not and cannot understand Jesus, only a Jesus can understand Jesus.”


  • “Love leads to nearness. Nearness leads to witnessing Witnessing leads to understanding. I understand only when I love”


  • “To really understand the smallest thing, I must understand everything. To really ‘achieve’ the smallest thing, I must achieve the Ultimate.”


  • “The mind is afraid of understanding. Understanding is a big risk. To understand is to be misunderstood by those who cannot understand.”


  • “Life is a joke. The attentive mind understands it spontaneously and has great fun. The dull mind keeps thinking what is there to laugh at.”


  • “Who wish to conquer the world forever remains a slave of the world. Who understand the stupidity of such a wish enjoy the world as a master.”


  • “Till one does not understand his mind-machine, he has no right to talk of love. Funnily, the most self-unaware ones ‘fall’ the most in love.”


  • “Those who ask you to be ‘sincere’ towards your work in the name of duty,sacrifice,society or nation surely understand neither work nor love.”


  • “Is ‘understanding’ an object to be achieved? One cannot ‘have’ understanding. One can only ‘be’ in understanding.”


  • “Understanding is a point at the center that no problem can attack. Understanding is a particular presence that makes flow possible and yet is independent of the flow.”


  • “I cannot change something without understanding it. Understanding is change. But the very desire to change hinders the understanding.”


  • “To Understand is to see the Simple in the complex.”


  • “All continuity is the act of memory. Reality is moment-to-moment, unrelated to anything. Patterns are static. Understanding is dynamic.”


  • “Those who do not understand THE LAW are condemned to remain slave of laws”


  • “Understanding of disappointment is the beginning of action, and the ending of disappointment.”


  • “If it is not understood before the sentence is complete, it is not understood.”


  • “We have great interest in not understanding.”


  • “Real understanding is a state of your mind in which it is attentive.
    It knows.
    That intelligent self; it knows.
    That is real understanding.”


  • “There is no fundamental difference in between unconscious and conscious.
    When you come to the point of understanding, all waves disappear.”


  • “You know, when you move into understanding, even the cells of your body change, your eyes change, your facial expressions change. Nothing remains the same.
    Deeper your meditativeness is, the deeper is the physical change that comes to you. Your very breath changes. It becomes regulated, on its own.
    The way you walk, your gait, the contours of your voice, its modulation, everything changes. The way you sit, the way you look, the way you listen, everything changes. I am prepared to say, that even the chemical composition of your body changes.”


  • “Anxiety is thought. The presence of thought implies the lack of attention.
    All anxiety is imagination.
    In understanding of the present, energetic action starts and anxiety disappears.”


  • “If you act in the way of understanding, you will soon find that the situations around you are changing, the people around you are changing, the places you visit are changing, the things that happen to you are changing.”


  • “Understanding is the dissolution of all things.
    Understanding itself is the Truth.
    Understanding means pure emptiness. Now there is nothing in it.”


  • “In understanding there are no meanings left.”


  • “India is not really a geographical entity, let alone a political one.India is the name given to Understanding, to going into the essence of things.So, if you are really probing deep, you can never go away from India.You may take the flight, you may reach home, yet India will be with you.”


  • “Elsewhere, someday, I have said that understanding is like an empty pocket. A pocket that otherwise remains empty but in your hour of need, it gives you and gives you only exactly as much as you really need.”


  • “Life comes up with a situation and you know how to respond, that is understanding.”


  • Understanding is not something you can fathom. There is nothing ever called an understanding detector. The mind can never have a meter to assess understanding. Understanding is bigger than you. You will never be able to measure it. You do not have a measuring tape that can take a note of, a measure of understanding. To say, “I understand”, is the most preposterous statement.


  • “I don’t understand” can sometimes be an honest statement. But ‘I understand’ can never be an honest statement. Understanding is undetectable.


  • “Understanding is a natural result of your presence. But it is not a result that is mentally detectable. It just happens. If you are just sitting here silently, then your silence is a guarantor of understanding.”


  • “The proof of understanding is not knowledge. The proof of understanding is the fullness of response.”


  • “Understanding is different. You will never know that you have understanding. But you will have an unreasonable confidence. So, when the situation arrives, you understanding will show up in the greatness, the completeness, the forcefulness, the exactness of your response. Where that response is coming from, that you will never know and you must not even try to know.”


  • “Life comes up with a situation and you know how to respond, that is understanding.”


  • “Self-realization is not objective; Self-realization is not knowledge; Self-realization cannot be wrote down, conceptualized, or summarized or expressed; Self-realization, or Self-understanding is just Silence. It is an absence of everything you thought yourselves to be. Everything that you thought yourselves to be, is bracketed under Self-knowledge. Your name, your gender, your caste, your religion, your profession, your family, your views, your ideologies – all of them come under Self-knowledge.”


  • “Understanding comes first, then come thoughts.”


  • “Understanding is fresh. Thinking is never never fresh. Thinking is like going around in a closed room. By going around in a closed room is where ever you go you stay in same room.”


  • “Thinking and understanding are two very very different states. Machines can very well think. Thinking is a process, an analysis, which draws from memory and uses that information, processes that information in a particular way.”


  • “Spirituality is not at all an escape from sorrow. Spirituality is about understanding, including the understanding of sorrow.”


  • “Understand, not control.”


  • “The Truth is unconditional. It does not demand any understanding from you.”


  • “Knowing Love The need of mind to get Peace, to settle into Understanding, to be clear of noise and be seated in Silence, to not to feel lonely but Total – that is Love.”


  • “Understanding is not a conclusion, understanding can never be captured in a statement; Understanding is pure awareness. And pure awareness is truth itself, which is God. “Pragyaanam Brahm” – Understanding itself is the Truth.”


  • “Space has nothing to do with boundaries or assumptions that you draw in your own intellect. If you are talking of the body, it is certain that there is no understanding. And if there is understanding, how can you say, “Understanding of the body?” Understanding means now the mind is still, thinking of nothing, there is no concept, no activity, no movement; all the churning that there was, that has settled. If it has not settled, then one is still in thought.”


  • “Understand the universal order. The universal order is ‘submit your individual order and discover that you are the universal order’. The expression can never fight with the expresser and if you want to call yourself the part, the part can never fight with the total. Part arises from the total, goes back into the total. And that’s it.”


  • “Had you been rejected by God, you would not have been there. Neither as a body nor as a consciousness and obviously not as understanding.”


  • “The wise man finds it impossible to find any commonality between the consciousness that understands and the body that has limited objectives. His relationship with the body is of aloofness.”


  • “In understanding, there are no meanings left. Understanding is the dissolution of all meanings. The right teaching can never be affirmative. It will only be a revelation of your falsenesses. If you are understanding rightly the meaning of a verse or the words of a Teacher, then you will not return from the Teacher with anything. In fact, you will not return at all, because you are the baggage you carried to the Teacher. And if the teacher is a real teacher, then the baggage will be unmounted. You are the baggage. You will leave yourself behind.”


  • “If somebody asks, what will I do with this understanding? The answer is, whatever you do. What will I do with this understanding? Whatever you do. Whatever you do will now have a different flavor, a different aroma. You walk, you would be walking in awareness. You would not be stumbling over. You eat, the food would now be tastier. You would just not be gulping in. Gorging food, as if you are throwing it into some wide cave. Loving your love, would have a certain liveliness about it. Not as if you are completing a physical formality.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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