• “To manage time, see what your mind values.”


  • “To value a thing is to not to value its opposite. All values are divisive,and create partitions. Only that which has no opposite is valuable.”


  • “Be cautious of whatever you hold to be valuable, whatever you hold to be sacred. The ego will find nothing valuable or sacred except itself.”


  • “Aatman is the essence. World is the skin of the aatman. Look at your life and find out how much do you value the essence, and how much do you value the skin.”


  • “If you live as the body, you will value only that which is related to the body.”


  • “The one who is devoted to the Real Father is likely to have a loving relationship with the physical father also. But if you ignore the Real Father then the father on earth is of no use, no value.

    Be devoted to the Real one, the rest will follow. All your other relationships will then be Real and loving.

    The first has to come first. It cannot be supplanted.”


  • “If your desires are little, they are never granted. They are never granted precisely because they are little, and existence does not value littleness, it values immensity. You ask for the petty and you will not get it, and you ask for infinity, it is yours.
    It is yours the moment you ask it.”


  • “As long as you are valuing, learning cannot happen. As long as you are assessing, measuring, learning cannot happen. Learning is invaluable. Experience has zero value.”


  • “In that Real knowing, value is attached only to the Truth, only to the Absolute, and nothing else matters.”


  • “When man-made values become important, then existential values are forgotten.”


  • “If you don’t look at this world carefully, you’ll suffer; and if you take a position that this world is everything, then too you would suffer.
    Standing still is not something to be practiced.
    Standing still is not something that you will cultivate.
    Standing still is your nature. It is already there.
    But you move away from it when your mind has values that tell you to run all the time, to become super competitive.
    All you need to do is go closer to those values and ask yourself, ‘Are they really needed? Are they important? Are they relevant? Can’t I live without them?’”


  • “You may be going out to sell an unworthy, misery furthering product or service. Do not think that you have made the fool of the customer. You have made a fool of yourself. And on the other hand if you are able to sell a product which gives joy, and alleviates suffering, then you have given something of value, not only to the customer, but also to yourself.
    By helping others, you help yourself; by sinking others, you sink yourself.”


  • “The world can redeem itself only by placing the highest value on the Guru.”


  • “A situation is a challenge only when you feel something about you is at stake.
    A thing becomes a problem only if you have something at stake, only when you feel that the external input, the external stimulus has the power to take something from you.
    One unnecessarily believes himself to be a handicap, and a challenge, or a problem comes in the form a thief and the thief takes away your crutches. And you suddenly discover that you can walk, not just walk, that you can even run.
    You have to value peace. You must know the value of peace. You have to come to the fact that peace is invaluable.
    And if you do not come to this fact, if you do not make the right decision, then the penalty is that you will suffer.”


  • “Q: Is it because we have valued thinking so much that everything should come with thinking?
    It is important to know what the rightful place of thought is, and beyond that point thought must not be exercised.”


  • “To pay for something is to value it. Now what is it that you are valuing? See, what you are valuing.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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