• “Willpower is a useless medicine for a non-existent disease.”


  • “Nothing separates the idiot from the wise except a willingness for honest self-observation.”


  • “We need willpower because we have created obstacles. When we look into these obstacles, we find that they are there only as long as we believe in them. Then you do not need willpower, wisdom is enough. Then you do not need courage, clarity is sufficient.”


  • “The more afraid you are, the more willpower you need.”


  • “The more restricted you feel, the more willpower you need, is that not so? Just open your eyes and see that there is no restriction except those that you subscribe to, except those that you willingly self-impose. Then you will say ‘Willpower’, who needs it? When you are enjoying a particular sport, then you run around a lot, you spend a lot of energy. Do you need willpower? But you will need a lot of willpower if you are told to go jogging and if you don’t enjoy jogging, then jogging even for 15 minutes, twenty minutes and you will say, “Oh My God, I am just dragging my feet, give me some willpower” When you are really into something, when there is no fear, who asks for willpower? It’s not needed.”


  • “But instead of asking for clarity, we often ask for courage. Now courage is not needed, clarity is needed. Instead of asking for wisdom, we ask for willpower. Willpower is not needed, Wisdom is enough. If you are deeply afraid, you believe that everybody will laugh at you when you ask a question, then you will need a lot of willpower. But if you are wise and you say “First of all not many people are going to laugh, even if somebody laughs, how does it matter to me.” Then will you still need willpower? You don’t need willpower, you need willpower only as an antidote to fear. Where there is no fear, there is no need for willpower. So, don’t ask me “How to enhance willpower?” The more afraid you are, the more willpower you need.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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