• “ Ego is good, nice, beautiful but only when friends with the Self.”


  • “ When the mind is not divided then there is a special quality about it.”


  • “ Body is memory, body is conditioning. Let the conditioned remain conditioned, but ‘you’ must operate on consciousness. Memory is not a substitute for consciousness.”


  • “One does not become wiser with age. Sleeping for a hundred years won’t show you the reality. It is impossible to learn from experience.”


  • “Spirituality is disruptive. Wisdom is a rebellion.You cannot be spiritual and continue to be in your old ways.”


  • “Life is a role-play; only in attention are the roles chosen wisely.”


  • “Mysticism is the essence of wisdom.”


  • “What is wisdom? That which the intellect calls as ‘madness’. Now will you allow yourself to go a little mad?”


  • “Move in knowledge, but be centered in wisdom.”


  • “One forgets wisdom somewhere along the ways of mind. One attains to wisdom by watching the ways of existence.”


  • “Had you just been an aggregate of conditioning, you would never suffer. There is That something else that acts against the aggregate. That acts for the dissolution of all sufferings. Painless suffering or suffering-less pain, choose wisely.”


  • “What is Love? That which makes you go crazy. What is wisdom? Allowing yourself to go crazy. What is Truth? You will know. Just go crazy.”


  • “The diligent man keeps doing and doing. The lazy man keeps doing even in his not doing. The wise man does nothing even when he is doing.”


  • “Nothing separates the idiot from the wise except a willingness for honest self-observation.”


  • “The wise man is the most arrogant man. He knows he is everything. The wise man is the most humble man.He knows he is nothing. All and Nothing”


  • “How you have been spending your time decides whether you can move into the timeless. Choose to spend your time wisely, and then your spontaneous response will shape up.”


  • “Wisdom does not come without fearlessness. If you don’t have courage, you also don’t have wisdom.”


  • “The ‘normal man’ wants to get rid of pain, and lives forever in pain. The wise man sees the duality and gets rid of both pleasure and pain.”


  • “To have knowledge is ignorance; to be free of knowledge is wisdom.”


  • “The True, the Real, is not something to be sought.

    It is our nature.

    It is never going away.

    Getting it doesn’t require special practice or effort or ‘sadhana’. It rather requires honest attentiveness; when you can be honest towards yourself, when you can acknowledge all your follies, when you can be attentive to the daily mistakes – that is Spirituality.

    Spirituality is nothing special. It is very simple, ordinary.

    The man who lives in himself, in his simple nature, is a spiritual man.

    Spirituality is simple wisdom.”


  • “You know, there is something that is not meant to be expressed in words, but you are expressing it. So whatever you say is a little unintelligible, incomprehensible. It can be so easily shredded. Argument can defeat it. You can get up and say, “You know, all this is nonsensical. This can be proven this way! This can be proven this way! This can be proven this way.” And whosoever will be trying to reject me through argument, unfortunately, will succeed.

    Whatever I am saying can be defeated by your mind and your argument so easily because it was never meant to become words. It was never meant to become knowledge. It was never meant to reach you in this form. It was always meant to arise from within, not really come through the sensory route. When it comes through the sensory route, then it requires your own participation and acceptance. Then, it is just a knock. It is just a knock. You have to do the real work. It’s a reminder. The reminder cannot do it for you.  I can only just knock and say it is not this way. But I cannot really tell what it really is. But I have to! So! Forget about telling others. Do not even attempt to tell yourself that you know. The wise man finds it wise to remain ignorant of his wisdom. He does not ever know what he knows, neither does he try. It is only when the situation arises that that which he knows springs up. All of a sudden! He did not dial it. He did not call it. He did not summon it. It comes from somewhere. All that he knows is it will come and that is called surrender of the mind.

    So I do not know what I know but when you will ask me a question, I will respond; from where? I do not know. Neither do I want to know! In fact, it’s terrible when I already know what I know. It is even more terrible when I even know what you know and what you would ask. And it’s so beautiful when I do not know what you know and hence what you would say. And I do not know what I would say. Therein lies a certain freshness. And that freshness is rejuvenating! Then you are young, really young. You are alive, you cannot die. Yes? So remain ignorant. Remain ignorant. Remain ignorant! I do not know!”


  • “The silence of wisdom is not a product of civilizational noise.”


  • “Spirituality or wisdom is not about cutting off your links from the world, rather, it is about relating completely and fully.”


  • “Love is not a relationship with the other. Love is not a behaviour displayed to others. Love is your internal fullness. Love is the submergence of the ego in its source. That closeness is called Love. And when that is misplaced, when that is there, then everything is alright. In Love, you may even kill. Love is sheer wisdom. And Love demands that one does kill some time. Love is not about giving each other gifts. “You are my darling” — that is not Love. And let those special days come, anniversaries and the birthdays and the valentine days and all the kuchikoo. That is not Love.”


  • “It requires a seer to see, that the Truth is that which powers the eyes to see, but which the eyes themselves cannot see; that the ears are powered by some other source to hear; that the tongue is powered by some other source to speak; and that source is so vast, immense, beyond description, that the tongue cannot mention, or capture that source in words. It powered the tongue to speak, but the tongue cannot speak of it.
    It powers the mind to think, but the mind cannot think of it.
    It requires the humility and wisdom of a Sage to remember this.”


  • “The wise man finds it wise to remain ignorant of his wisdom. He does not ever know what he knows, neither does he try. It is only when the situation arises that That which he knows, springs up – all of a sudden. He did not dial it, he did not call it, he did not summon it; it comes from somewhere. All that he knows is, that It will come, and that is called as ‘surrender of the mind’.”


  • “This is the right moment. And this is the right point.
    Wherever you are, is the gate.
    There can be no bad time to do that only thing that deserves to be done. For all your worldly affairs, there are right times and wrong times, opportune moments and inopportune moments. For wisdom, how can there be any inopportune moment? Let the First be the first. Take care of That, and then do whatever you want to do.”


  • “After gaining all the knowledge, after reading the wisdom literature, after seeing a few things, if I am still bound by the society, then what is the point in taking that education?
    Education must liberate, not make a man bonded.”


  • “If the ego is not careful, if it is not touched by wisdom then it will forget that the objects that it is getting attached to, that the objects that it is pinning its hopes upon, are of its own projection. And how can that which ‘I’ have projected bring completeness to me? If I am incomplete, all my projections would also be incomplete, they cannot take me anywhere higher.”


  • “See that you were born extremely old. That will help you die as a child.”


  • “Energy which is random, disorderly, leaves you with the burden to control it.
    Energy which is an order in itself, contained in the Heart, leaves you with the sureness of an inner power.”


  • “When the material is directly a manifestation of the spiritual, only then the material is a symbol of the Divine, only then the material points at non-material.”


  • “Stillness is the essence of the flow.
    To flow freely is same as being absolutely still.”


  • “It is horrible to see someone doubtful of himself.
    It is hilarious to see someone certain of himself.”


  • “You wanted much more, and you deserve much more.Give that to yourself.”


  • “With the Beloved in your Heart, it is Leela to engage with all and sundry.”


  • “Outside you may be occupied, but inside you’re perpetually unemployed.”


  • “Energy won’t provide you That, That provides you energy.”


  • “Who am I?
    Eh! Stupid question.
    I am what I am.”


  • “The word Turiya means fourth, but it is not fourth in the same sense that these three are – one, two and three. It is fourth, but it is the foundation of these three, so when one is present, four is present; when two is present, four is present; when three is present, four is present. Even when one, two and three all are absent, fourth is still present; so you may physically die, yet Turiya doesn’t die.”


  • “When you discover your wise nature you’ll be able to bring wisdom education to everybody: to kids, to adults, to the entire world.”


  • “The silence of wisdom is not a product of civilization noise.”


  • “Your own wisdom is the highest good that you can do to the world.”


  • “To have knowledge is ignorance; to be free of knowledge is wisdom.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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