• “The real battle is within.”


  • “No shame can hurt you if you have the Light within.No past can harm you when you are well-seated in the present. When you are in the present, you can play with the past and the future.”


  • “Intelligence is not the word ‘intelligence’. Every word is within mind.”


  • “Its easy to see falseness and be in Truth. Still a movement within the known, hence easy. The great leap is away from the known. Faith, Love.”


  • “The more untouched and inert am I within, the more sensitive and responsive I would be outside. To be one with the universe, be alone within.”


  • “Beauty is not a work of mind. It is not a place, person- heard or read. When the ugliness within ceases for a while, beauty is what remains.”


  • “When love rests within, the world presents itself as lovable.”


  • “It is so convenient to praise the other and put him on a pedestal, as an escape from looking inwards.”

  • “The mind is very, very angry.
    The mind is ticking like a time bomb, but you are not at all angry.
    Now the mind is angry, so it’s showing up on the face, but then there is a point within you that is not angry.
    Just a small point and that is the Real you.
    That small point is Real you.
    Everything else is mind.”
  • “The world is the world of action. Everything is moving here. Action means movement, time. The world is the seat of action. To live well in the world, you must be very-very inactive within.”
  • “Only when you are still within, can there be good action outside.
    This is action in inaction and inaction in action.”
  • “You rest within yourself, and the rest will be taken care of.
    That is the secret of Joyful relationships.
    Forget everything about relationships, and your relationships will really blossom.”
  • “The relationship is not so much about the other person – the object out there. The relationship is about who you are within. Change the within, the relationship will change. But remaining the same within if you change the other, the relationship would still be rotten.”
  • “If seeing happens, it happens within the moment.
    There, the question will change.
    The life would change.
    Actions would change.
    You no more continue to act in the same groove.”
  • “Love is not just an external action.When Truth shines within, Love is its radiation.”
  • “Forget that Love has to do anything with anybody outside. Please forget that. Forget about loving somebody.
    Turn inwards, look within, cure yourself and then you don’t have to worry about Love. Even without knowing, you will become loving. You won’t even know that this is Love, because as per our standard definitions of Love, Love is something totally different. So even without knowing, you would have already become Love. And in strange ways you would be reaching out to others.
    That’s the mysticism of Love.
    You won’t even know how you are benefitting the other. Of course, that would not be as per the general imagination, the general norms. You won’t be talking sweet necessarily. And your behaviour towards everybody will not be same because Love is not something that can be typecast. The same Sun, when it shines upon the sand, it dries the sand and when it shines upon the ice, it melts ice. In one case, the water has been removed and in other case, water has appeared. So your behaviour towards everybody will be different. The same Sun has different effects on different people. You cannot just declare a particular type of behaviour to be loving behaviour. And you don’t have to bother whether my behaviour is loving or not.
    My inner health is so good that whatever would be happening would be good. I am so full that I can only give. I do not intend to harm anybody because I clearly see that ultimate all around, so whom to harm.”
  • “Be cured within, then all your relationships will fall into place. Do not think that it’s about one particular person, that my relation with one man is unloving. It’s not about your relationship with one particular person, it’s about your relationship with yourself. It’s about who you are.
    If you have relationship problems, turn within, look at yourself. Do not look at that man or that relationship. Turn within. The solution lies there.”
  • “The wise man does not expect too much from experiences. The wise man does not make experience the source of his learning. He knows that learning rests within. Experience has no positive role in enhancing learning.”
  • “Our education and training is such that, it never asks us to turn within with the result that even the most knowledgeable man, is actually so infantile, and immature.”
  • “One never understands it without living it. It is not just a concept.
    One has to pay the price and live that life.
    And it is not a fairy tale, or a pleasant story, when you are paying that price.
    Remember, that price is ‘yourself’.
    One is battered, and bruised, and the being is full of wounds. And it is only then, that you realize that there is a great healing power within you, which holds you together, in spite of all the wounds that you have.”
  • “What arises from within will not depend on anything else. You will surely know just how important it is.”
  • “That which is striving within you, eager within you is not your own. Kindly do not have any authority or control over it.”
  • “We have no right to withhold that within us which wants to be expressed. We also don’t have the obligation to express it because it is going to be expressed anyway.”
  • “That which you are finding within you is not actually within you; you are within that.”
  • “Child being like an animal still carries all the seeds of conditioning within him. He is biologically conditioned and very soon because of the biological conditioning he would be socially conditioned as well. It is not about just returning to your child-like nature, it is hence about going deeper and further than the child nature.”
  • “Everything is already contained in perfection.
    And then it wants to change.
    Yet it will be within perfection.”
  • “The One you are seeking is enabling the seeking within you.”
  • “Equanimity is the answer of the freedom within you to all the attacks of slavery upon you.”
  • “Attention is to be with perfection within.”
  • “Restlessness is in your mind. You may go to any serene place but you will carry restlessness within you.”
  • “Plan with your mind but stay convinced within that it can’t give anything to you, can’t take anything away from you.”
  • “First you have to give up that within you which keeps you in the city and then you can be in the city and yet peaceful. It is not currently peace which keeps you wedded to the city. It is fear that keeps you wedded to the city.”
  • “If you have lost liberation, then what within you is searching for liberation?”
  • “Words are like envelopes. One needs envelopes but there must be a worthy message within.”

  • “Give strength to that within you, which is drawn towards God, Truth, and Silence.”  
  • “The moment you are able to identify that all this is external, you are also able to immediately see what is internal.”
  • “Internally you must already be at the destination only then externally some movement can happen.”
  • “Only when something is internal to you then you have an absolute benchmark of it, otherwise all your benchmarks are just relative.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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