• “Man and woman are two ends of duality-inseparable and opposites”


  • “When the world is material, woman is a thing.”


  • “If we get why one man and one woman is in conflict, then we can get why the whole world is in conflict.”


  • “The man who could not belong to God, obviously cannot belong to you either. If your man or woman has no Love for God and Truth, you are an idiot to expect that he or she can have love for you.”


  • “If the man refuses to live by the images of love, the woman would accuse of him being loveless. Real Love is often labelled as lovelessness.”


  • “Whenever, the natural harmony of things, of movement, of existence is upset then there is disease; disease on both sides – the man and the woman. When things are healthy, then, nobody controls anybody. Neither the man controls anybody nor does the woman control anybody. When things are diseased, then both parties control each other.”


  • “A man would usually not like to admit that he is afraid of a woman. So, that fear is hidden. And equally difficult it is to see that a woman is aggressive, even though she might appear helpless or even benign.”


  • “There is no bigger curse than being a mother and no higher blessing than being a mother. It depends on you.”


  • “Be it a woman or a man, nobody is really chasing a body. You want that which sits at the center of the body. Penetration is symbolic, you want to reach to the heart. It is not merely a little bit of flesh that you want to dig into. You want to reach right till the heart. And unless you have reached the heart, the sexual activity has gone waste.”


  • “A man or a woman, who cannot live in silence, is mentally diseased.”


  • “When you look at the entire existence as manifestation of God, then you also look at your man and woman as manifestation of God. Then you know how to touch someone. It all goes together. When you know how to touch a wall, you also know how to touch a book. You also know then, how to touch a deer or a dog. If you do not know how to touch a dog, you also don’t know how to touch a woman. If you are cruel towards animals, what do you think, you really know how to touch a woman? If you are found kicking a dog, your sex would be involving, the kicking intention, definitely.”


  • “Sex is beautiful only if you can see the divine in the other. Sex is beautiful only if the body is not just body, but a temple. A temple, at the center of which, God himself sits. Do not try to have sex with someone, you cannot see as a God or a Goddess. If you cannot worship the feet of a woman, if you cannot respect her, if you cannot surrender to the woman, don’t try to have sex. And that is same for the woman too. If you are not looking at the body as the temple, then touching the other is just rape. In fact, almost as a ritual, you must worship before touching. And again, almost as a ritual, you must bow down, after the act. Not push her away and turn to the other side, because you are now finished, done with, and you want to now, snore.”


  • “Only a non-man and a non-woman can be together. Man and woman, are never really together. They are all the time trying to conquer each other, to get something from each other, are insecure about each other. Togetherness cannot come with possessiveness, aggression and insecurity. Togetherness is only there, when a man is not a man, and a woman is not a woman.”


  • “The spiritual man, gets a tenderness, a softness, which has a feminine touch to it. He becomes a non-man. At the same time, the spiritual woman, gets a directness, a deep understanding, a sense of not clinging, a detachment, which is not womanly at all.”


  • “And a woman, rises from being an object of lust, to a deity worth worshiping, when she loses her womanliness.”


  • “And a woman, rises from being an object of lust, to a deity worth worshiping, when she loses her womanliness.”


  • “In every material man, lies both, a man and a woman. So, your flesh, your body, mind, brain, thoughts, all of these refer to the woman in you and the witnessing pure consciousness refers to the man in you.”


  • “We are all women, so it applies to everybody. In spiritual terms, everybody sitting over here is a woman, and the only man is God. So it applies to everybody.”


  • “Why did I say that the entire world is just feminine? Why did I not say that the entire world is both feminine and masculine? The reason must be clear. Because the one that you are identified with is a woman. What are you identified with? You are identified with flesh, blood, thoughts, emotions, relationships – that is what we think ourselves to be, that is our feminine part. And when one goes beyond this, then what one remains is the Purush. So it is not quite appropriate to say that we are both feminine and masculine. We are practically, only feminine. Masculinity is something that remains obfuscated, that remains merely a potential.”


  • “Man and woman are not genders. All that seeks companionship is woman, all that seeks realization is man. She is love, he is awareness. There is no love without awareness. Let both know, let both be with each other. In that alone lies liberation for both.”


  • “Woman cries because she cannot be with the man. Man cries because he does not know the woman.”


  • “Man and woman are two ends of duality, and both will meet the same fate. One end cannot fly away in isolation, just as one leg cannot reach the destination when the other is held behind in bondage.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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