• “Every meaningful work that I do is based on my concepts, and hence on my ego. Let me dance a meaningless dance and live a meaningless life.”


  • “Working hard is not very difficult; the world is too full of hard-workers. The real difficulty lies in refraining from doing useless work.”


  • “Those who ask you to be ‘sincere’ towards your work in the name of duty,sacrifice,society or nation surely understand neither work nor love.”


  • “Working, striving, aiming, achieving, immersed in all phenomenon, I laughed with my loved ones,”Such engaging reality!” And then I woke up.”


  • “Running faster and faster to reach where I am ! Working so hard to achieve what I already have! Asking all and sundry to find out who I am !”


  • “Not only must work be play, but play must also be work.
    When you are working, you should be playful; and when you are gone out to play, and even in that moment, you must be working.”


  • “When you are relaxing, work must be on.And when you are working, you must be relaxed.”


  • “When you have no real relationship with your work, which is you, and hence you do not have any relationship with yourself then all your life you are just seeking holidays.”


  • “When you really know the small facts of your life – how you are brushing your teeth, how you move down the stairs, how you ride your bike, how you deal with the policemen, how you deal with the syllabus, how you deal with the food in front of you. When you know all this, then you also know work and you know the play and you will know that there is no distinction.”


  • “What do you think that the man who is bored during the weekends, suddenly becomes lively over the weekends, seriously? What do you think the man who is dead and flaccid till 7 p.m becomes a pulsating, lively, creative mass of energy at 10 p.m.? If he is flaccid in the office then he will be flaccid in the bed also. If he requires a stimulant in the office then he will require a stimulant in the bed also.

    The one who plays, plays with everything.
    The one who works, works with everything.
    And these two are one.”


  • “If it is something that absolutely must happen, would you still take it as work?”


  • “Come face to face with the fact of your being.
    Grand notions, or petty notions — any notions, will not work.
    They are not evil, they are just useless.

    It is just that in my dictionary, the ‘useless’ is the evil.
    There is no other evil.
    That is the definition of evil. That which is not needed — is evil. That which you are needlessly carrying, is the evil.”


  • “When you work without a target, then the intensity is just right.”


  • “It is possible to have an objective, and be on the road to it, very calmly.
    It is possible to work very energetically, without the fear of loss, or without the fear of failure.

    But that happen only when your objective is not arising from an internal sense of incompleteness.”


  • “Work for yourself and you will not be able to work even for yourself.
    Work for others and you will be able to work for others and for yourself.

    The punishment of those who want ‘personal’ welfare is that they will not get even personal welfare.

    But want it for everybody, everybody gets it and you get more than you had ever desired for yourself.”


  • “Wherever there is a person at work, there is going to be division.”


  • “The only method that will work is that you do not remain who you are.”


  • “We use our imagination to paint what God must be like.
    Will it work?”


  • “Q. What when one is compelled to work?AP: Compulsions work only on the person you think yourself to be.Are you really that which you think yourself to be?”


  • “You say you work for the family. Whose family – the neighbour’s? Is it really for the family that one works, or is it always for oneself? Don’t name your insecurity as magnanimity or responsibility.”


  • “Its not about the job, its about what keeps you in the job.”


  • “You can work out for two reasons – you are so happy that you are working or you can work because you are threatened to work. What would you like?”


  • “Work because work is beautiful. Work because work is like dancing in the rain. I am not dancing to earn something. I am dancing because it’s so nice.”


  • “If you do not remember the Truth in the middle of your work, then not only are you a very poor seeker, you are an equally poor worker.”


  • “In karma, whatever you do is already its own punishment or reward depending on the center from where the action is happening. If you are angry at someone and hit him, you won’t receive punishment in the future; the anger itself is the punishment. It is the expression of the punishment that you shouted. Do not think that you shouted today and you will be receiving the punishment ten years later. No, shouting itself is the punishment; the action, the karma itself is the cause and the effect both.”


  • “Only when you operate from the wrong center, that you bear the results of the action. Otherwise, there are no results of the action. No Karmphal.”


  • “If your Heart is at the right place, right work will naturally flow from it.”


  • “Work is life itself. Work is the most important, most dominant overwhelming component of your life, it will take away all your time. Work is life. And if you do not love your work, then actually you will hate life. Because work is life. You cannot approach work using these considerations, salary, stability, these are very small, very trivial considerations. Have you come across a word called ‘Calling’? Calling means the work that calls out to you. A work that beckons you, that says “come, it’s so loving, Its so attractive, you want to do it” You want to do it, even if you are not paid anything. You say High salary, I am saying “Choose the work that you would do even without getting any salary”. Imagine what kind of work that would be which you are ready to do even without being paid? Now, if that work can be your life, then life is beautiful. If that work can be your life, then life is beautiful. And only such work deserves to be your life. Only such work deserves to be taken up. You must find out your calling. You must find out what really beckons you.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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