• “ Being what you are, you will be found where you must be. So instead of worrying about your whereabouts, you should be concerned about ‘Who Am I?’


  • First look at what you are and let life unfold from your being.”


  • “Do not be wary of a particular type of thought; be wary of thinking itself”
  • “Where entire universes are rising and falling,where the basic laws of Physics are collapsing, we find the pimple on our face quite worrying.”


  • “Worries will be there. You have no control over worries. But why worry about them? You have all the control over worrying.”


  • “An insecure mind, worrying about its own self-interest, cannot love. Love is for those who have stopped worrying about themselves.”


  • “Once you know who is worrying, hating, loving, it will be impossible for you to worry, hate, love.”


  • “I have known ‘being alive’ only as a continuous tension. So, I cannot afford to let go of tension, for without tension I do not feel alive.”


  • “Those who are nothing, are greatly afraid of losing what they have. Those who are what they are, bother not about what they have.”


  • “We are quite serious about the stories in our head. Remove the seriousness. Then remove the stories. Does the ‘I’ heaviness in head remain?”


  • “You are devoted to the Truth, now don’t worry.

    You can go and sit on fire. You will still be secure.

    On the other hand, if you are someone, who has ranged himself against the Truth, who is showing his back to the Truth, then you will keep being barbequed. Your own cleverness will bring you to the flames. You will think that you are going there to harm somebody else, and you will not realise that you are moving towards your own grave.”


  • “It’s your own light that goes out to the world. Do not bother to whom it will reach. The Sun does not bother whether everybody needs light or not. Does the Sun bother whether everybody needs light? It radiates. It radiates. And then from that radiation a thousand things happen.
    Out of your self-realisation, a thousand things will happen. Things will change. Things will be born. Things will get annihilated. You need not worry. You just worry about your own mind.”


  • “Forget that Love has to do anything with anybody outside. Please forget that. Forget about loving somebody. Turn inwards, look within, cure yourself and then you don’t have to worry about Love. Even without knowing, you will become loving. You won’t even know that this is Love, because as per our standard definitions of Love, Love is something totally different. So even without knowing, you would have already become Love. And in strange ways you would be reaching out to others. That’s the mysticism of Love.
    You won’t even know how you are benefitting the other. Of course, that would not be as per the general imagination, the general norms. You won’t be talking sweet necessarily. And your behaviour towards everybody will not be same because Love is not something that can be typecast. The same Sun, when it shines upon the sand, it dries the sand and when it shines upon the ice, it melts ice. In one case, the water has been removed and in other case, water has appeared. So your behaviour towards everybody will be different. The same Sun has different effects on different people. You cannot just declare a particular type of behaviour to be loving behaviour. And you don’t have to bother whether my behaviour is loving or not.
    My inner health is so good that whatever would be happening would be good. I am so full that I can only give. I do not intend to harm anybody because I clearly see that ultimate all around, so whom to harm.”


  • “When you are really free of worrying, then not-worrying also loses its charm.”


  • “Why are you so anxious? Is there anything in the entire universe that has to worry about the next day, that has to worry about what existence will bring to it?”
  • “The Faithful one is a man of vigorous action.
    Worries make you incapable of action. In Faith, you’re able to act without worrying about the fruits of action, and that’s why your action then is powerful.”


  • “If you are in the Truth, then worry neither about what happens through you, nor what happens to you.”


  • “If you are the one who is doing the Karma, you would always be the one who would worry about the results of Karma”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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